Do you need to keep fitter for work?

Job demands mean that being fit and healthy is a real bonus in the modern working world. We’re used to hearing about how increased productivity can help employers but there are many advantages and reasons to put your fitness at the top of your agenda when it comes to your work life and career. The […]

Fitness for fertility!

With one in six couples trying for a baby in the US not finding baby success after a year, the issue of infertility is a ripe one. Whether environmental, genetic or other health reasons are to blame for the rising rates of fertility problems, there is a growing interest in how lifestyle choices can potentially […]

Stop resolution excuses in their tracks!

Even if you didn’t write a definitive list of healthy New Year resolutions for 2013 you no doubt have made some conscious as well as unconscious decisions to make some changes. Right? Are you forging ahead or has the year started off busy with all good intentions pushed to some ‘I’ll do it soon’ category […]

Potential personal training pitfalls

Time efficient, effective exercise with workouts that deliver results in the best and fastest way possible. In a society where we’re all time poor, personal trainers are a fitness trend that has grown tenfold over the last five years. This isn’t merely a fitness fad either as more people experience the benefits of one-on-one personalized […]

How does Wonder Woman workout?

Wonder Woman’s workout routine A woman’s work is never done, so the saying goes. There may have been a shift in roles, responsibilities and expectations when it comes to males and females in recent times but modern women are busier than ever. Busy does not mean fitter though and though lots of ladies are rushing […]

Can New Year be a fresh start for kids?

What does the New Year mean to you. For kids it often means no more than a dearth of presents until their birthday and an end to eating chocolate for breakfast. For the young, full of the joys of life, the change from 2012 to 2013 isn’t so much an arbitrary date to change their […]

Are you investing in fitness in 2013?

The world-at-large might be heading for its own version of the Fiscal Cliff but many people are determined to meet economic gloom and doom with a healthy body and mind. It seems the human instinct for forging ahead is still alive and kicking. Fitness trends reported by the IHRSA reveal that over 50 million Americans […]

Why festive fitness is good for a man

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that festive overindulgence can lead to a holiday hangover of excess weight and feeling rather out of shape. This is the time of year when the man of the house can expect to sit in his favorite chair, eat, drink and make merry. But all […]