How does Wonder Woman workout?

Wonder Woman's workout routine

A woman's work is never done, so the saying goes. There may have been a shift in roles, responsibilities and expectations when it comes to males and females in recent times but modern women are busier than ever. Busy does not mean fitter though and though lots of ladies are rushing round like Wonder Woman they are not quite as healthy as her.

Can New Year be a fresh start for kids?

What does the New Year mean to you. For kids it often means no more than a dearth of presents until their birthday and an end to eating chocolate for breakfast. For the young, full of the joys of life, the change from 2012 to 2013 isn't so much an arbitrary date to change their lifestyles as it it for us more bitter adults.

Are you investing in fitness in 2013?

The world-at-large might be heading for its own version of the Fiscal Cliff but many people are determined to meet economic gloom and doom with a healthy body and mind. It seems the human instinct for forging ahead is still alive and kicking. Fitness trends reported by the IHRSA reveal that over 50 million Americans are currently members of health clubs and year-on-year this figure has been increasing.

Why festive fitness is good for a man

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that festive overindulgence can lead to a holiday hangover of excess weight and feeling rather out of shape. This is the time of year when the man of the house can expect to sit in his favorite chair, eat, drink and make merry.

Do you put your hair before your health?

Having one of those rare good hair days and don't want to sweat up your lovely locks? Most of us probably tie up our tresses and worry about our hairdos after our workouts, but apparently some worried women are letting their hairstyles get in the way of their health.

Gadget gifts for a healthy start to 2013

The festive season is upon us and with it the end of the year sales too. While it's hard to avoid the consumerism that comes packaged with Christmas cheer, you can still buy your loved ones a gift that's going to give them a healthy start to 2013. What better present could you give somebody than the encouragement to get fit?

Everybody, regardless of their age loves gadgets and with the health and fitness industry booming more than ever, there are some exciting and interesting gifts out there.

Is exercise a morning sickness cure?

With news of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy and subsequent chronic morning sickness, cures for this pregnancy symptom are in the spotlight. While the wife of Prince William has had a severe case of morning sickness which has meant hospital treatment, can exercise help to alleviate some of the pain and nausea?

The general medical consensus seems to be that light exercise can help reduce the symptoms of morning sickness.

Exercise is therapy for the mind

Psychiatric disorders can be helped through exercise. This is the message that delegates at last month's Psych Congress 2012: US Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress were told. There certainly is a body of studies, research and evidence to suggest that not only is exercise useful as part of a therapy program but for certain psychological conditions it can act as a valuable therapeutic treatment.