5 Signs you need to change your PT !

You wake up for another session with your personal trainer and the first thought in your head is one of dread! As you drag yourself out of bed feeling less than enthusiastic about pulling on your sweat pants and whipping your body into shape with a whirlwind of a workout, then you might want to ask yourself if this particular one-on-one trainer is really right for you.

Personal training sessions can be intense and working out under the guidance of one other person puts demands and responsibilities on not just you but your coach too. If things don't seem to be working out though, it's up to you to make the break and put things right again, for the sake of your own fitness. So when you feel that your sessions are slumping look out for the telltale signs that it might be time to change your trainer and and start with someone new.

  1. No connection: Your personal trainer isn't supposed to be your best buddy or confidante but you do need to feel you gel on some level. If you don't feel comfortable, for whatever reason, or you just don't have a sense of synchronicity then this will hamper your progress. It could just be a total class of personalities or the lack of a bond could be because of other failings that you're picking up on.
  2. Angry motivation: A personal trainer should encourage and help inspire you to turn up, exercise and reach your goals. Positivity can be mixed with realistic thoughts and even some wake-up call messages. However, if your personal trainer is always shouting, getting frustrated and rolling their eyes impatiently then this could really knock your confidence and send you off course too.
  3. No direction: While you might not be a fitness professional and you want to put your faith in an expert, make sure your PT has a plan. If you feel that your workouts are a little random or don't seem to be going anywhere then ask questions. You shouldn't be in the dark about why you are doing certain exercises. If your trainer can't really come up with a good explanation or there is no continuity to each session then you might not be doing the most effective workout.
  4. Unreliable: If you keep turning up for a one-on-one session only to find that you're going solo then you will come to feel you can't rely on your PT. Not only does this affect your progression but it can also dampen your motivation. If your personal trainer is always changing appointments, cancelling or simply not showing up, then perhaps they're too busy or lacking in interest.
  5. Low energy: Tiredness can be contagious. Early morning or after-work training sessions can give you a real spring in your step but if your personal trainer is yawning and looking dog-tired then this is going to rub off on you and before you know it you'll feel less like curling your biceps than curling up in the corner for a quick nap.

You might feel like you're the student and your personal trainer is in a position of authority but at the end of the day it is your time, money and energy that is being wasted if you don't make sure that the person who is taking you through your paces is the proper professional for you.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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