Are you exercising too much?

If you lack motivation to keep fit and work out then you might find it difficult to get to grips with the idea that other people have the opposite problem and exercise too much. Of course, it’s great to be eager and involved in fitness but as with all things, a bit of balance is […]

5 Signs you need to change your PT !

You wake up for another session with your personal trainer and the first thought in your head is one of dread! As you drag yourself out of bed feeling less than enthusiastic about pulling on your sweat pants and whipping your body into shape with a whirlwind of a workout, then you might want to […]

Is school helping your child's health?

School is a massive influence on your children. It is at school that they first interact outside of their home environment, form their attitudes and learn about diet, exercise and lifestyle among other things. While you might promote a certain standard of living and approach to life at home, how can you be sure that […]

Are you living the slimmer high life?

The higher up you live the slimmer you might be! It seems that your residential altitude level could indicate your obesity risk. However, before you swap your home for a condo up in the mountains, in a bid to rise above any weight problems, you might want to consider doing something a little more active […]

Baby boomers older but not healthier!

The good news is that we seem to be living longer. The not so good news is that we’re all less healthy! Certainly if we compare the post war baby boomers with the generation which preceded them. Life expectancy might be rising, especially as new medical advances are made, but the question is, are we […]

How to get your skin in good shape!

A youthful, glowing complexion, with toned muscles is what most people would love to see when they stand in front of the mirror. Sagging jowls, dull skin and a grey pallor are all signs of ageing that can make you look old before your time. With today’s technological advances, many women are opting for a […]

Walking couch potato kids not fatter!

Child couch potatoes may not be quite as much at risk of getting fat than their worried parents suspect. Studies show that there is nothing wrong with a bit of lounging on the sofa after all, as long as kids are are getting exercise in at some point. This is the finding of a recent […]

Fighting flu through fitness

With the flu season starting early in the US this year and already at epidemic proportions, and with thousands dying each year, preventative measures are nothing to sneeze about. In the UK, the norovirus has hit hard for another winter, and across the globe the battle against cold and flu symptoms persist. However, it seems […]

Is fat killing men's sperm count?

If you are a would-be dad then next time you chow down a greasy burger you might want to think about how it might be reducing your chances of having a family. Could a diet rich in saturated fats be reducing a man’s chance of enjoying fatherhood? According to one recent study it just might […]