Can exercise make you a better lover?

Nobody would ever deny the benefits of doing regular exercise. It keeps you trim and strong, stops you getting fat, gives you energy and reduces stress. Exercise can even improve your social life as you get out and about and meet people. One thing you might not have considered though is that getting sweaty can also be pretty sexy. Indeed, many men find that keeping fit does wonders for their private lives, so let's lift the lid on having a healthy libido.

For centuries, mankind (well mainly men) has looked for ways to spice up things in the bedroom; usually by eating some quite repulsive concoctions. Apparent aphrodisiacs include oysters, turtle eggs and even mashed up insects...all in the aid of love. However, it seems that the answer to enhanced love might really be as simple as getting some training shoes on and hitting the gym, or at the very least jogging every now and then. It makes sense really. After all, what is sex if not a type of exercise, (as well as a way of showing affection to your partner and potentially procreating). It gets your heart beating faster, burns off calories and gets lots of different muscle groups working, (depending on how adventurous you get) and drastically increases your stamina. Think of it as a form of long distance running - the the better shape you're in, the longer you can keep going.

How exercsise sexes you up!

Your sexual function is directly linked to your general health, so the better you take care of yourself then the better your sex life can be. To most of us this is common sense but it has been backed by research. For example, one study  of 31,742 men between the ages of 53 and 90, conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found that men who exercised vigorously for up to 30 mins a day were about 50% less likely to experience erectile dysfunction than less active men. One reason is that the exercise improves the health of your arteries and blood vessels by making them more flexible and able to expand and increase blood flow. And of course, the better your blood flow, the stronger your erection.

Exercise aids the libido

While you might presume that a good gym session will sap your strength and make you desire nothing more than an early night, exercise can actually get in you in the mood for sex. People who are exercising regularly are pumped full of feel-good neurotransmitters like endorphins, the same chemicals in the brain that released during sex. You might find a good session at the gym could could give your sex drive the boost it needs.

Sexual stamina

Feelings and emotions aside, it's easy to forget that sex can be a very physical act, that really challenges the body, so having a strong heart can help you out. A healthy heart gives you stamina, so make sure you get a regular cardiovascular workout. A regular running routine, some aerobics or even some energetic team sports can get your heart pumping. You'll soon find that your energy, stamina  and endurance levels improve.


Your libido depends greatly on the levels of the sex hormone testosterone in your body. Regular exercise of more than 10 hours a week increases these levels and fuels your sex drive. Studies also reveal that staying slim is vital too. Overall weight is not too important but keeping that dangerous belly fat at bay is.The New England Research Institute found that when a man's waistline pushes over 41 inches then testosterone levels start to plummet.

Weight training

There is a macho stereotype about lifting weights but there may be something to it. A study by Baylor University in Texas found that pumping iron can also pump up your levels of testosterone. It seems that levels remain high up to 48 hours after a lifting session, so these might be the ideal two days to turn on the charm with your better half.

It Improves flexibility

You don't have to be a sexual yogi or a master of the Kama Sutra to imagine how being flexible can bend some variety and adventure into your sex life. Even if you are a creature of habit, a few monthly sessions of an exercise that limbers up your limbs and joints, such as yoga or Pilates, will at least ensure you don't pull any muscles at a vital moment.

Look sexy, feel sexy

There is a psychological aspect to all of this too. When exercise starts to take hold and your body changes, becoming slimmer, firmer and more muscular, you will start to feel better about yourself and of course, more attractive. This new found self-confidence can really shine out, making you more attractive to others. A study by the University Of Arkansas questioned 450 students and found that those who were physically fit also felt themselves to be more attractive and more adept sexually.

So, it seems that by hitting the gym or working out you can really add a little spice and stamina to your love life and it might even make you a better lover!

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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