Can healthy hormones cut disease risks?

We all know that a sedentary lifestyle is linked to obesity and disease and that more active people live longer lives. But why is this the case? Science could reveal an answer that links exercise and disease with the key being the effect working out has on women’s hormones. Could there be a link between […]

Activate your inner child!

There once was a time when you would hop,skip and jump without a giving it a second thought. If you cast your mind back to when you were a youngster then being permanently active wasn’t a conscious decision. You didn’t walk when you could run and being made to sit still was a punishment. There […]

Are you joining the fitness party?

A sense of camaraderie and community is what really sets a fitness centre apart from the standard traditional style gym environment. Today, fitness is not just about having fun but being around like-minded, supportive individuals too. And who better to work out with than your friends? Recent reports suggest there is an emerging trend, in […]

Personalizing personal training!

The beauty of a personal training session is that it’s just that, ‘personal’. Forget cookie cutter workouts and generic exercise plans: what better way to get fit than have your very own fitness guru at hand? With this type of workout gaining popularity, the number of Personal Trainers has increased. What you need to ensure […]

Mummies the word on heart disease

If you thought heart disease was a health problem of the modern age, brought about by junk food and our internet-fixated sedentary lifestyles, then think again. CT scans of ancient mummies have  revealed our ancient forefathers also suffered the hardening of the arteries that this disease brings. These latest findings from researchers at the University […]

Too much exercise – part 2!

Over-exercising may sound like something of a joke, especially to those who have to force themselves off the sofa to workout. However, not only is it a very real problem but it can have a negative impact on every area of your life, beyond the purely physical effects! Your work, social and home life, as […]

Fitness is a female issue!

Forget pumping iron to look like Mr. Universe, or working out to flex macho muscles; most women want to exercise to be healthier, happier and more active in their already busy lives. Many women have personal fitness goals too, such as losing weight, toning up and making sure they are flexible for their everyday activities. […]

10 Questions you need to ask your PT!

Exercise is about being involved and being responsible for your own health and fitness. Even if you take on the expert guidance of a professional, qualified Personal Trainer, that’s not a reason to surrender your thoughts and feelings about your own body. In fact, quite the opposite, what you need to show from the outset […]

Pushing past a plateau!

Have you ever pushed yourself so far, only to grind to a sudden halt on the path to your goals?  You might have gotten so far along that you simply don’t want to give up your journey and the possibility of reaching your destination. And being stuck in the same place can be frustrating  in […]

8-Week Krav Maga Foundations Course

Spring Krav Maga Foundations Course begins March 20.

Don't miss this opportunity to join our popular 8-Week Krav Maga Foundations Course.  In this course you will see a sampling of many of the techniques that we practice in our regular classes.  This unique course is also a great base point to empower yourself in the fundamentals of self-defense through easy to learn and remember self defense techniques and self-protection principles.