A positive and personal attitude to PT!

A great plus point that drives many fitness seekers to the expertise of a personal trainer is the motivation having your very own fitness guru can bring. Having to answer to one other person and have a committed trainer on hand, focusing on you, can definitely transform your body, your mind and your lifestyle. However, being aware of your own inner workings and how your attitude and approach can impact your workout is important too.

A positive and personal attitude to personal training can get you far. But what does having a so-called PMA (positive mental attitude) really entail and what mindset do you need to bring to your personal training sessions?

  • Motivation - You want a PT who will get your motivation cranked up a level but it's important not to be too reliant on someone else's energy and zest for exercise. Letting a personal trainer be a catalyst for your own motivation levels is great though. Dip into your own go-getting inner reserve and if you find this lacking then set some goals to aim for. By taking an approach that has direction you are able to have clearer ideas of where you want to go, by when and possibly even some thoughts on how.

  • Two way communication - Forget the strict teacher-student relationship. Coming to a personal training session with an open mind and attitude means you are more likely to engage and interact. If you view a PT as an authority figure in the strictest sense, or put them in a domineering role in your thoughts then you're going to either shrink or rebel rather than flourish.

  • Two ears and one mouth - When you are paying for training sessions it is easy for your brain to keep reminding you that you need to make the most out of every second and this can manifest in talking way too much. Listening and allowing your mind to welcome new ideas and opinions is going to encourage you to progress physically and mentally with your training.

  • Letting thoughts flow - Small questions, reactions and ideas can grow if they are not given freedom of expression. While this might be useful in certain situations where you want to ruminate on a creative vision, it is worthwhile taking a more openly expressive approach to give your workout a more natural rhythm and to deal with any concerns immediately.

  • Embracing your personality - While some people judge a fitness center as a social hub, there are times when this can go too far. Chatting too much can not only put you off your stride but distract others too. Having said this, there's no reason why you have to hide who you are and how you view yourself, your workout and the world around you. Not holding back on who you are means you're more likely to find the right exercises to suit your preference, as well as be able to communicate better with your PT. It's not about being friends with your personal trainer but about accepting who you are.

Need some more motivation to get motivated? Look out for Part 2 where we reveal more ways in which to take a positive and personal attitude to personal training. First and foremost you need the right attitude to get going. Bring your positivity and focus to personal training for an effective, efficient and results-driven workout.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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