Too much exercise – part 2!

Over-exercising may sound like something of a joke, especially to those who have to force themselves off the sofa to workout. However, not only is it a very real problem but it can have a negative impact on every area of your life, beyond the purely physical effects! Your work, social and home life, as well as the relationships you're involved with can all suffer if you have this type of imbalance.

In Part 1 we looked at some of the indicators that signal over-exercising. These included:

  • Feeling exhausted

  • Playing mind games about how much exercise you're doing

  • Not allowing yourself enough recovery time

  • Aches and pains, and a strain from too much too soon

  • Having no space for a life

In this article, we continue to look at some other warning signs that should have you slowing down at the gym, so that your good intentions do not lead to bad habits. Too much exercise can leave you feeling more exhausted than energized. Here are 5 signs you're exercising too hard:

  • You're stressed out and irritable - Not only does overdoing it put a physical strain on your body, but it can also trigger neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, which can make you feel anything from anxious and a little blue, to down-and-out depressed. Other stresses might come from the pressure you are putting on yourself to exercise and the strain it is having on your relationships. If you become addicted to the adrenaline and don't get your exercise fix, you're going to be in a funk for the rest of the day until you do!

  • You're obsessing - How often are you thinking about exercise? If the thought of working out is pervading your every thought and constantly creeping into your consciousness, then you are possibly becoming fixated. In other words, you are obsessing, which, in any sphere of life, is never healthy. It can affect your moods, your relationships and your sense of self too, not to mention your work and family life!

  • You're craving sugar - Some people have what's called a sweet tooth, while others love a savory snack. One sign of over-exercising is that as well as potentially feeling hungry all the time, you might really feel the need for sugar more than usual. Moderate exercise can actually quell your lust for sugar, but overdoing it kickstarts this feeling with a vengeance as your body cries out for fuel!

  • You're gaining weight - Ironically, while high activity levels can certainly help you shift some weight and create a shapely physique, too much of a good thing has the opposite effect. Exercise affects your hormones, and if certain levels shoot up then this can increase insulin resistance which, in turn, leads to that hard-to-shift midriff and belly fat.

  • You're drawing outside concern - Nobody likes to be criticized and while some people take constructive criticism better than others, it can be difficult to see yourself as the outside world does. While you grapple with trying to see yourself from a different perspective, accept the fact that if a few close individuals are voicing the same concerns, then they might have a point. Even if you really can't be objective, just acknowledging the fact that you might be deluding yourself about the truth of your situation, is the first step toward making changes. Listen to your loved ones if they say they think you're overdoing it. They could be right!

If you want to strike the right balance with a healthy exercise plan that suits you and fits into your life, then you might need expert guidance. We can create a strategy that inspires you to be active in the most beneficial way possible!


Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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