Break-time brain boost

Exercise is not just about keeping fit, although of course that might be what motivates many of us to hit the gym. Studies also show that regular exercise can also improve your productivity at work. Employees who work out before or during the working day have been found to bring far more to the workplace than a toned body.

10 reasons you need a personal trainer

More and more people are turning to a personal trainer to help them achieve their fitness goals, keep them motivated and on the right track. If you’re determined to go it alone you might find the going gets tough and start to consider the value a personal trainer offers when you weigh up what you could be getting for your money in terms of reaching health and fitness targets.

The weighty issue of Generation F

Fat children seem to be a sign of the times and an unfortunate byproduct of modern day society in the West. It’s a weighty issue not just for youngsters themselves but society as a whole. Obesity in kids has tripled in the US in the last 30 years and around 20% of kids are obese and more than a third are either overweight or obese.

First Defense Welcomes New Instructor

Jonathan Levy successfully completed his Krav Maga Instructor course directly from Eyal Yanilov (assisted by Amnon Darsa) in 2001/2002. While living in Israel, he trained extensively with KM black belts at Gabi Noah's studio and has traveled abroad for continuing KM education (Budapest, Melbourne). He currently holds the rank of Graduate 4, awarded by Eyal.

How to get chubby children moving

Children in the US are spending on average around four hours a day watching TV according to a new study and the worry with modern-day family life is that kids are spending less and less time being active. With video games, movies and urban life centered around the home as an entertainment and leisure zone it’s perhaps not surprising.

Krav Maga Foundations Course in Bethesda, MD

We are bringing our popular Krav Maga Foundations Course to Maryland! The course runs from October 1st to November 12th, 2012. Classes are on Monday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm & the instructors will be Nick Masi & Jonathan Levy.

What we'll cover in the Course:

Basic Striking Using Hands, Elbows, Knees & Legs
Defending Strikes
Releases from Chokes
Releases from Headlocks
Releases from Bearhugs
Releases from Wrist Grabs
sing Common Weapons for Self-Defense
Defending Yourself on the Ground
Dealing with Stress
Developing the Proper Mental Attitude

Dansez!Dansez! Dance Studio
8020 Norfolk Ave.

Defending Knife & Handgun Defense in Bethesda, MD

On November 12th, 2012, First Defense is holding a special Defending Knife & Handgun Defense workshop in downtown Bethesda, MD.
In this class we will learn and practice a variety of defenses and tactics against an assailant using a bladed weapon or a handgun as a means of threatening or intimidating their victim.

3 New Full KMG Instructors Join First Defense

Congratulations to Will, Tammy & Terry on completing the Part 3 of the KMG General Instructors Course. This makes them full Instructors under KMG. In addition to that, all three tested for and earned their rank of Graduate 1.

Another congratulations goes out to Cassie, Paul & Omar for completing the Part 2 of the KMG General Instructors Course.