Gadget gifts for a healthy start to 2013

The festive season is upon us and with it the end of the year sales too. While it's hard to avoid the consumerism that comes packaged with Christmas cheer, you can still buy your loved ones a gift that's going to give them a healthy start to 2013. What better present could you give somebody than the encouragement to get fit?

Everybody, regardless of their age loves gadgets and with the health and fitness industry booming more than ever, there are some exciting and interesting gifts out there. From cardio to weights and endurance training, there are handy,innovative gadgets to keep you on the fitness track for the year to come.

MOTOACTV - The ultimate fitness tracker! A GPS tracker that follows your every move, from the distance you cover, to the pace and speed, as well as the calories you burn and your heartbeat. Not only can you follow your own fitness but you can encourage others by creating competitions and challenges. The MOTACTV is also an MP3 player, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you receive social media alerts and texts too.

Fitbit - The OneTM - A wireless activity and sleep tracker that tracks your steps, the number of stairs you climb, distance and calories burned. Even when you shut your eyes the fitbit never rests and monitors your sleep cycle too, helping you learn more about getting a good night's sleep. It even wakes you in the morning, making it a fitness favorite that keeps pace with your lifestyle.

iSport - Advanced in-ear speakers help keep you motivated as you lose yourself in music or chat with the control talk speaker. The iSport earphones don't fall out, become loose in your ears, or slide out as they are sweatproof and washable. They also deliver the crispest audio and the best fit for exercisers. These cans are designed with athletes in mind and can also fit under helmets and goggles. Whatever activity you're doing the iSport will stay firmly in place and deliver the soundtrack to your healthy lifestyle.

emWave 2 - Want to feel more connected with your body and how emotions, stress and daily life affect it? Now you can. The emWave 2 continuously displays a visual graph and easy-to-follow lights of your heart rhythms from information collected from a pulse sensor with this portable gadget. You can see exactly what you do in your life and how you feel impact your wellbeing. This innovative fitness device is aimed at encouraging you to recognize negative impacts on the body so you can do something about them by being aware of this mind-body connection.

Smart ThinQTM - Smart food management in the 21st century! Okay so it's not strictly a gadget but it certainly has gadget qualities. This LG fridge has the latest technology and can think too. By scanning barcodes or receipts of your refrigerator's contents your chilled-out diet and nutrition companion tells you which foods are about to expire, what's inside your chiller, as well as giving you recipe ideas and telling you what extra ingredients you might need. With an LCD screen this sure-to-impress, kitchen gadgetry also sends all the information to your smartphone through an app too.

What's your favorite health and fitness gadget? And why do you love it? Is it a much-used and must-have gadget or more of a gimmicky gizmo? Share your discoveries with us.

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