Krav Maga "College Prep" Course

This course, designed specifically for High School and College/University students, gives you the tools you need to avoid bad situations as well as how to protect yourself against common threats and attacks. In this 3-week course, we will introduce you to Krav Maga principles, theories, and techniques.

Pepper Spray Class

This 2 hour class will introduce you to the various application methods, dangers, physiologically effects and systems that are available. We will have several applications and systems readily available so that you can see what each offer and the application technique.

8-Week Krav Maga Basics Course

The Spring Session of our popular 8-Week Krav Maga Basics Course starts on April 4th, 2012. Classes are on Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm. What we''ll cover over the course of the 8 weeks:

Basic Striking Using Hands, Elbows, Knees, & Legs
Defending Strikes
Releases from Chokes
Releases from Headlocks
Releases From Bearhugs
Releases from Wrist Grabs
Using Common Weapons for Self-Defense
Defending Yourself on the Ground
Dealing with Stress
Developing the Proper Mental Attitude

Participants are also welcome to attend the Monday night Basics class at no additional cost.

Krav Maga Seminars in Fredericksburg, VA

March 10 - Defending Against Threats with a Knife

In this 2 hour seminar we will cover a number of techniques, from standing and on the ground, that deal with defending yourself from an assailant who uses a knife in a threatening way. The goal of the assailant in this case is to achieve something - obtain money or property or just move the victim from one point to another - through threats & intimidation.

Womens Classes in March

Krav Maga's teaching and techniques for women are characterized by their effectiveness even from a position of physical disadvantage, providing the needed self-defense against violent attacks. Krav Maga for girls and women boosts confidence, putting an end to the anxiety and aversion caused by feelings of helplessness.