Break-time brain boost

Exercise is not just about keeping fit, although of course that might be what motivates many of us to hit the gym. Studies also show that regular exercise can also improve your productivity at work. Employees who work out before or during the working day have been found to bring far more to the workplace than a toned body. However, if the thought of a pre-work exercise class sounds a stretch too far then what about a break-time brain boost?

It seems that all the stories you were told as a child about how a good night's sleep, eating breakfast and waking early are good for you, are true. A recent study reveals that early birds are happier, not to mention healthier, after over 700 subjects of all ages were surveyed about their life, their health and their emotional wellbeing.

Everybody knows the feeling of getting the day off the a great start and achieving more before lunch time than others might do in a whole day. There's something energizing about exercise too, Studies suggest that working out during the day can improve your alertness, leave your mind sharper and fine-tune your time-management skills too. On top of this, the feel-good factor of exercising means you might have more time and patience when it comes to dealing with colleagues too.

It seems that companies are catching on to the idea that a healthy, happy workforce can lead to greater productivity, organizing corporate memberships at nearby gyms or even providing some exercise equipment in-house. With health club memberships on the rise and centers often offering flexible times to work out there's more opportunity too, with some people finding time before work or during a break to give their body a much-needed boost.

As well as this, exercise is definitely a stress-reducer and rather than wake up super early, many office workers like to finish their 9-5 routine and switch off from the stresses and strains of the working day by getting their bodies worked up rather than their minds. This idea that exercise can help you think more clearly, if you get active earlier, is definitely worth considering if you want to feel the full benefits of working out.

If getting to a fitness class or meeting with a personal trainer before work isn't possible, then there's no reason you can't exercise alone, even if it is in the work canteen! It's always a good idea to take your eyes and mind away from a computer every now and then and leave your desk to have a good stretch.

You might not be inclined to don lycra and start doing a whole aerobics routine in the reception area, but think about what you can do to get your body moving in the morning. Stretches, flexes and strength building moves are all possible without you really having to leave your workstation.

During lunch or even if you have a 15 minute break, try and get outside too. A brisk walk can work wonders at clearing your head and getting rid of that sluggish work feeling. It is  amazing how many people don't stop work but simply devour a sandwich at their desk, or find the most convenient place to eat without giving it a second thought.

There are myriad ways you can give your work day a boost. So if you need to find ways to work out that have you hopping and skipping to work and feeling full of pizazz during the working day then drop us a line.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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