10 reasons you need a personal trainer

More and more people are turning to a personal trainer to help them achieve their fitness goals, keep them motivated and on the right track. If you’re determined to go it alone you might find the going gets tough and start to consider the value a personal trainer offers when you weigh up what you could be getting for your money in terms of reaching health and fitness targets.

Between 2001 and 2011 the number of personal trainers in the US has increased by over 40% in line with demand. It seems that economic cutbacks have not stopped the appetite people have for trying to get fit and year on year more people join health clubs too. If you’re debating whether to hire a personal trainer then here are 10 reasons that might just persuade you:

  1. Success and failure. If people are interested in keeping fit then why are they getting fatter? It seems that despite good intentions people often fail when it comes to their attempts at getting fit, losing weight and toning up. A personal trainer can offer a workable alternative instead.
  2. Quicker results. If you put your mind and body to it you might well get to where you want to go alone but a personal trainer can find a fast track route, adopting the right exercises and workouts for your body conditioning aims.
  3. Personal touch. A friendly face, personalized attention and motivation can help when it comes to sticking to a fitness plan. Often people will continue exercising to not only not let themselves down but also to show a personal trainer they can match their determination and commitment. You might find it harder to disappoint your personal trainer than yourself!
  4. Interesting and engaging exercises. Unless you are a specialist when it comes to gym equipment, fitness routines and healthy ways of doing things then you might find your workout a little dull. A good personal trainer can create just the right amount of challenge while keeping you feeling involved and interested too.
  5. Money makes you work out. When people have paid for the expert services of a professional, like a personal trainer, as well as booked a workout session time, they are less likely to want to miss out. No-shows or cancellations without enough notice are less enticing if you know you’re wasting your money and also your personal trainer’s time.
  6. Monitoring, feedback and adjustments. When you start to see results from sessions with a personal trainer you are able to get feedback on what is working and benefit from a professional monitoring your progress. This also means that any adjustments or exercise changes which are needed can be brought in easily so that the routines and your fitness journey is not static. If you are working alone you might not know where you are going or be able to change direction when necessary.
  7. Nobody is the same. Of course everybody knows that exercise is good for you but beyond this the fact is that everybody is different. Your health status, aims and capabilities are different from the next person jogging along on a treadmill next to you. One size does not always fit all and tailor-made solutions take into consideration all the important aspects of your situation.
  8. Busy life. If you feel that you’re always on the go then you’re not alone. Being busy is something that most people contend with each and every day. Unless you’re planning a sabbatical from your hectic life to concentrate on health and fitness, then you need an exercise strategy that works in sync with you. Working with a personal trainer can be an effective and efficient solution, saving you time, money and energy in the short and long term.
  9. Support along the way. It’s all very well being offered words of encouragement from friends and family about getting in shape but nothing beats support while you are slogging away. When you’re really pushing your body and giving it your all it is great to be able to have support right next to you, offering you advice, motivating coaching and positivity. A good personal trainer take you to the next level more easily.
  10. Feels more like a hobby than a chore. There might be practical reasons why you are working out, such as needing to lose weight if you are overweight. However, there is no reason why exercise cannot be fun, enjoyable and something to look forward to. Having your very own personal trainer makes exercise sessions feel special and this might be enough to create the impression in your own mind that getting toned and slimming down is a great new hobby instead.

What could a personal trainer do for you? Contact us and we’ll let you know how we can help create a personal fitness plan that works.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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