Are you investing in fitness in 2013?

The world-at-large might be heading for its own version of the Fiscal Cliff but many people are determined to meet economic gloom and doom with a healthy body and mind. It seems the human instinct for forging ahead is still alive and kicking. Fitness trends reported by the IHRSA reveal that over 50 million Americans are currently members of health clubs and year-on-year this figure has been increasing. So, while tightening up your spending this year are you too going to be investing in fitness in 2013?

It might still be the season to be merry, but during these times of economic turmoil it seems that there are more reasons to be morose. Unemployment is rising across the globe, countries are on the brink of economic collapse, incomes are down and costs are rising; it's not surprising that many people are trying to ride the storm by cutting down on their spending. So in 2013 expect there to be less spending on luxuries, high status possessions and consumables. Our monthly pay packets will go on essentials and goods that bring long-term benefits. But what about your gym membership? Is that a luxury or a necessity?

Well, in times like this, staying fighting fit is vital. Being fit enough to work and forge ahead in a productive way is essential for the wealth, as well as health, of the family. Not only that, but people are living so much longer these days that pensions designed to last for for few years of post-retirement relaxation might now have to stretch out to cover 30 years of free time. Feeling fit and able is just as important when you're older as when you're of working age; more so maybe as this is time you want to enjoy.

Another factor which perhaps accounts for the growth of the fitness industry is that people realize that it's not always easy to go it alone. Personal trainers and qualified fitness instructors are valuable, as is access to specialized facilities and equipment. Spending on these fitness tools is worthwhile if what you come out the other end with is worth more to you. Health is wealth, regardless of your economic situation.

In every aspect of life you have to invest so that you can reap what you sow. You can't just float through life expecting to be fit without putting in some time and effort. By joining a gym or a fitness class, or taking part in some type of activity or training session, you are also putting in hard earned cash, but the returns on this can be so much more.

Keeping fit can also have an impact on not just your health and fitness levels but on your mind too. Modern life can be stressful to say the least and financial worries can easily become overwhelming. Being able to work out your anxieties could be the route to mental clarity and the positivity needed to get over a hump or find a new way out of a tricky situation. Exercise is known to clear the mind and help people de-stress; something we could all benefit from in 2013.

In these lean time people simply cannot afford to not be fit and healthy. Do you want to invest in a healthier lifestyle in 2013? Drop us a line and we'll show you what you can get out of it.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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