Why festive fitness is good for a man

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that festive overindulgence can lead to a holiday hangover of excess weight and feeling rather out of shape. This is the time of year when the man of the house can expect to sit in his favorite chair, eat, drink and make merry. But all this fun has to be paid for come the new year. But why not make it easier and try fit your fitness around the festivities .This will ensure that there isn't such a mountain to climb in the cold days of January, and there are other advantages too.

If are looking forward to spending the next couple of weeks eating what you like and lazing around in front of the TV, then you are not alone. We've all earned it after year of work. However, a bulging belly is less fun to anticipate and can be hard to shift. But with a bit of self discipline you can enjoy the best of both worlds, festive fun and fitness too:

Happy families
Lets face it, many men love their families and enjoy family time but there's a limit right? The holiday season is about as intense as it gets and feeling close can soon turn to feeling trapped. Exercise gives you much needed family-free time so that you can come home and appreciate your nearest and dearest more easily, especially in-laws or parents who might be visiting. If you're a man who needs an escape route from a hectic household then working or going for a run might just be the release you need.

Future plan headspace
The end of the year is the time when we reflect on what they have or have not achieved over the last 12 months and decide what changes you might want to make for the upcoming year. To really get an idea of what your future plans might be you need clarity, a clear head and to be able to think. If you're the type of guy who likes to mull over things rather than talk over every detail of your life, then exercise can help you focus. If this is the time to make some changes then working out can also distract you so that sub-conscious thoughts have the space to come out of their own accord.

Cave time
Men like to be in their cave at times, away from everybody and everything. With a full house and lots going on this can sometimes be a challenge. You might find it hard to find 'you time' if there's lots of people milling around or your favorite den or cubby hole has been invaded or transformed into a different space for the holidays. Working out puts you in the exercise zone which is your own personal space.

Errand boy
There's always a hundred and one things to do during the holidays, from picking up a Christmas tree to buying presents, groceries and cleaning the house. While the modern man might be expected to do his fair share, exercise can be a great way to take you temporarily you away from the to-do list and out of range of anyone delegating jobs. Going out to do errands while you're out on an exercise mission can be a great way of getting more out of a trip out and about.

Buddy time
The holidays can often be a social whirl but parties at work, family get-togethers and neighborly gatherings are not the same as hanging out with your buddies. If you get along or enjoy passing the time of day with other people you meet and see when you exercise then keep this up over the holidays. You can invite your friends along too. Fitness friends aside, you might well be able to pop in on buddies on the way to or from your workout if they are in the same neighborhood as where you exercise.

Chill out
End of year tiredness, this concentrated family holiday atmosphere and the pressure that comes with it can lead to stress. With anxiety comes depression, frustration and irritation, none of which put you in the mood to have a good time. Letting challenges not overwhelm you, prioritizing and being patient are essential tools and exercise can help you de-stress so that you don't start 2013 feeling under strain.

Start seeing the value of keeping fit this New Year or change how you keep fit. Contact us and we can give you more reasons why exercise is going to benefit every area of your life.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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