10 More reasons you need a PT!

There are so many positive reasons to hire a personal trainer that once you start entertaining the idea, it's hard to come up with valid arguments not to. In fact, you might even wonder why you've not taken on the guidance of a fitness expert already. If the idea of having your very own exercise guru feels a little indulgent then you might benefit from knowing that a personal trainer can actually save you time, energy and even money when it comes to reaching your fitness goals.

In 10 Reasons you need a personal trainer we highlighted a number of plus-points this type of one-on-one training can offer. These were:

  • Success in getting where you want to go
  • Quicker results
  • The personal touch
  • Interesting and engaging exercises
  • Motivation via the money you've invested
  • Monitoring and feedback
  • Customized training
  • Training that fits in with a busy life
  • Support along the way
  • Exercise that feels more like a hobby than a chore

In 2013 there's a bigger trend than ever for a more individual approach to keeping fit and staying in shape. A personal trainer is seen less as a luxury and more of a modern day necessity for anyone wanting to initiate big changes in their life. Here are 10 More reasons you need a PT!:

  1. Confusion: There are so many different styles, techniques and philosophies when it comes to fitness that the whole exercise arena can be somewhat confusing. A personal trainer can translate exercise ideas easily, making health and fitness more accessible.
  2. Taking responsibility: A common misconception is that by hiring your very own exercise specialist that you are somehow shifting responsibility for your own fitness levels onto someone else. In reality, the opposite is the case. Hiring a PT is often the first step toward acknowledging that you need to make some changes.
  3. In control: By working on a customized program, where you can interact and understand the process, you are able to claim control over where you are going. Being able to feel this sense of power for your own journey, and have a close relationship with a trainer where you can voice your ideas, is invaluable.
  4. Fitness and beyond: A personal trainer isn't just about setting a program of exercises. Well Being goes beyond working out, to such areas as diet and nutrition, as well as lifestyle changes too.
  5. Realistic goals: With the help of an experienced professional, you can set your sights on targets that you have a chance of reaching. Left to your own devices would you set the bar too high, too low or perhaps in the wrong way?
  6. Less stress: One of the great positives a personal trainer can bring to your life is a clear path and process for reaching an end goal. This clearing of the way and defined journey reduces the stress people often feel when they are muddling through unchartered waters.
  7. Lifestyle changes: Because of the focus and intensity that a personal training session entails, working out becomes bigger than the sum of its parts. In other words, exercise is not pigeon-holed into a category of your life but infiltrates other areas. This can lead to positive changes in many aspects of life and how you live it.
  8. Flexibility: A set routine or even a fitness class can sometimes feel rigid and not able to change to your individual needs. Because of the customized approach a personal trainer offers, there's scope for real flexibility which in a life that isn't lived standing still can be a real bonus.
  9. Discipline: If might be something of an old-fashioned concept but no-nonsense discipline can be really effective. While you might respond far better to the carrot than the stick, the setup of one-on-one sessions means that there is an intrinsic system of rules, regulations and expectations.
  10. Accountability: If you dip in and out of a fitness class then you might not feel that you're letting yourself down, let alone your instructor and fellow exercisers. With a closer relationship and the effort and personalization that a personal trainer program promises, there is a greater feeling of accountability for yourself and toward your trainer. This is a great motivator and can keep you on track.

The easiest way to feel the full benefits of a PT session is to try it out. Get in touch with us to find out how!

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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