When to fire a PT and hire again!

The big boom in personal trainers as a part of people's fitness programs over the last few years is undoubtedly a good sign. It shows that not only are people taking their exercise regimes seriously, but they're also understanding the value of personalized training. But with a trainer, you should be getting fit with a workout strategy that gets you to your goals in the most effective and efficient way possible. However, as trainer numbers have risen quality has suffered. If you're with the wrong trainer then you need to know when to fire a PT and hire again!

You really believe in the power of personal training but somewhere along the line it's simply not working for you. As well as looking at your input and what part you are playing in your exercise success, consider whether your own personal trainer is a positive for you. Do you know the problem signs to look out for that will tell you it's time to get rid of your current trainer and hire someone who better suits your needs? Here's part 1 of our reasons to make a change!

  1. Unreliable - You've made a monumental effort to motivate yourself to turn up for your workout only to find that your personal trainer has let you down...again! It can be hard enough to stick to a fitness schedule yourself without wondering if the person who is training you is going to make an appearance or cancel at the last minute. Fire!

  2. Wrong chemistry - In all relationships there is chemistry and you if you're not gelling with a trainer then don't over-analyze why not. There may not be any concrete issue and sometimes it's best to simply accept that you're not a perfect match and move on. It's pointless playing the blame game either. Unless you feel that a trainer is getting a little too up close and personal for comfort, follow your instincts: if you don't feel comfortable, for whatever reason, then fire!

  3. Hard sell - While taking on a personal trainer can be a cost effective way to get in shape, you have paid your cash and already made an investment. There's nothing more irritating than a personal trainer who uses sessions to try and peddle an extra fitness service or try and squeeze out some extra money from you. It taints the whole session with a feeling of insincerity. Save your wallet and spend time looking for a new personal trainer instead. It's your money, spend it wisely and fire!

  4. No direction - Have you ever thought you were following someone only to find out that they think they are following you? In other words, despite outward appearances you had no direction whatsoever, no matter how determined and confident you and your partner's stride seemed to be. Get to the crux of why you are exercising. If you don't know where you are going and why, and your trainer can't illuminate the way forward either, then perhaps it's time to continue the journey with someone new. Not setting goals and strategies points to a good reason to fire!

  5. Too many sticks, not enough carrots! - Motivation is key to any training program and while the military may employ tough rules, there's no reason you should be subject to a strict, over-disciplined regime when you're merely trying to tone up your tum! A personal trainer should encourage and challenge you in a positive way. If your trainer is making you a deflated, stressed out wreck then your self-esteem might go down as your muscles power up. A good trainer won't make you feel mentally strained but address your whole being. If they've been telling you that you're doing everything wrong during every session, then they are not helping you perform at your best. Speak up and fire!

Are you working with a personal trainer but feel it isn't working? Have you had bad experiences in the past and feel put-off by personal training? Now is the time to hire a PT who will work with you in the best possible way, so get in touch with us without delay.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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