Be a health superheroine!

Do you enjoy marveling at the exciting exploits of superheroines on the big screen as these female forces champion all that is good in the world? Most women probably don't make any real comparisons between Wonder Woman and themselves but you can be the star of your own life and a real inspiration to others by leading a fit and healthy life. Is it time you channelled your inner health heroine?

You might not be able to perform feats of physical impossibility but if you want to become a fitness-inspired star then you need to look at how a health-conscious superheroine would behave:

  • Boost your powers - You can hardly perform great feats if you are running on empty and lacking in some pizazz. Give your whole body a superheroine-style charge with a glass full of juice goodness that will give you some energizing superfood vitamins and nutrients. Get juicing!
  • Show courage in the face of adversity - When the going gets tough during a workout or when you are reaching for a fitness goal are you going to give up? Even if you're not sure you can succeed or if obstacles stand in your way and the pressure is on, you can face challenges head on with some go-getting superheroine courage and determination!
  • Inspire others - What drives you to succeed? If focusing on yourself for your own sake does not seem to get you reaching for your fitness goals then what about thinking about others. Be a good role model for kids, stay healthy so you can enjoy a great lifestyle with a partner or to look after older parents; your actions will inspire change in those around you too!
  • Be adventurous and energetic - If you stick to what you know and approach your health and fitness with a lacklustre attitude then you are far from being crowned an intrepid superheroine adventurer. Put yourself out there and journey into the unknown with a new fitness program in a different environment. You never know what you might discover!
  • Show your strength of mind - While superheroines are blessed with superpowers, it is their inner strength that often prevails and sees them through. Even if you are still working on building up your core strength don't forget that your mind can be the most powerful tool, so use it to believe in yourself and stay motivated!
  • Keep your physique in peak condition - It's hard to imagine a superheroine lounging around without exercising, eating chips and putting on weight. If you are going to tackle a full and interesting life of action and activity then you need to be in good shape. Start working out!
  • Accept accountability - Does the superheroine start looking around for excuses when she is temporarily thwarted or does she take responsibility and engage to succeed another day? If you often use excuses not to exercise then is it time you looked at the part you have to play? It's all about you!
  • Be driven, motivated and determined - The life of a superheroine doesn't come easy. Well, let's face it, it wouldn't be satisfying if it did. Commit to your goals, keep reaching for them and don't give up. Stay focused!
  • Be goal-driven - While you might not be intent on saving the world or preventing catastrophe, as a fitness superheroine you do need a goal, otherwise you're not going to have anything to aim for. Reach for the stars!

Now all you need is the right costume and in your case that means comfortable and practical workout gear worthy of a healthy superheroine!

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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