7 Inspirational fitness thoughts!

Even if you absolutely love everything to do with keeping fit and working out, everybody needs a touch of inspiration to fuel their motivation levels. What gets you going and what keeps you going? Or are you still stuck in the stalls planning ahead but never quite starting? Whether you feel you can't, have come to a standstill on a fitness plateau or are lacking the gumption in the first place, you need to feel inspired!

The best fitness motivation you can find is to set goals and follow a clear strategy which is manageable, achievable and enjoyable. Of course, the demands of real-life and even the influence of our inner-selves on our consciousness can all make sticking to a set plan a task at times. Ultimately, habit feeds motivation but when you seem to be lacking self-belief and a go-getting attitude then keep in mind our motivating mantras to inspire you to work out and keep you going.

  1. The power to change lies within - You are more powerful than you might think. It is all too easy to look to outside factors as dominating and dictating what you do or what you do not do, but keep in mind change has to come from the inside. Feel the power of YOU!
  2. Forget what has been, the future starts NOW - It's never too late to dream and make a difference. Life is a series of chapters. You can turn the page right now and create a lifestyle and fitness program that changes the narrative of your life in the future. Don't be weighed down by the past but let it go and feel the lightness of NOW!
  3. You are an inspiration - Think about what an amazing person you are and be proud of your individuality. Look at what you have achieved and remind yourself of situations where you have been brave and kind. Don't you inspire yourself? Remember, the way you live your life can inspire others too!
  4. Small steps lead to confident strides - You can't run before you can walk, and if you try you might find your trip up more easily. But don't underestimate the importance of small milestones as no matter how small your fitness goals are they will lead you toward a healthier you. Be bold and surefooted however small your steps are right now!
  5. Embracing a challenge is embracing life - Sometimes a workout can be hard work. Sometimes you can feel as if you are faced with an uphill struggle. Don't see a challenge as adversity but an opportunity to really feel alive and learn about yourself. Embrace the experience!
  6. Your only limit is your imagination...let it run wild - Are you afraid of what you cannot do or are you afraid of what you might be capable of? Do you limit your fitness goals because of what you think you can achieve or do you set targets at a level you believe you can reach? Exercise your mind as well as your body!
  7. Motivation needs to flow...it's not a one time exercise - Boosting your motivation is not just a one-time pep talk, it is a flowing expression of inspiration, effort and attitude. You wouldn't work out and expect to be in prime physical condition, you'd work at it instead. Inspiration comes easier if you look for it and welcome it to flow through your life!

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Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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