Top 10 fitness trends 2015!

Never has keeping in shape been as dynamic and exciting as it is right now. There are so many different ways to work out and an incredible range of training styles. Knowledge about how what we do affects our bodies, as well as our minds, is increasing, inspiring a wave of really positive developments in the keep fit industry. While new ways of working out become popular, many tried and tested classics are still favored. Let's look at this year's top 10 fitness trends 2015!

Each year the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) forecasts what the trends for the upcoming year will be. The prediction is based on survey results, conducted worldwide, from thousands of fitness experts. The findings are a great insight into not just what type of exercise is in vogue but is a reflection of what training corresponds with modern thinking about fitness. Here are the Top 10:

  1. Bodyweight training - Think planks and push-ups! Using your body's weight to create resistance is an effective tool that can be easily adapted to different fitness levels. There is a real 'getting back to basics' appeal about this type of training, which requires no complex equipment. Great for core strength!
  2. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) - The idea of hitting training hard and fast, rather than slow and steady, has gained in popularity in recent years. HIIT is a great way to avoid plateaus and to benefit from a fat burn and metabolic boost. Research seems to back up the pluses of HIIT, especially with resistance training incorporated, and HIIT challenges you not just aerobically but anaerobically as well.
  3. Educated and experienced fitness professionals - It is great news for us that there is a real emphasis on certified fitness experts and that accreditation and a real hands-on understanding of fitness is valued.
  4. Strength training - Nowadays, strength training is regarded, quite rightly, as an essential component of any exercise regime. The benefits include leaner, more defined muscles that can increase calorie burn and also strengthen bones to reduce the risks of osteoporosis. There has been an increasing understanding of the role of strength training for women in recent years too, with training focused on essential muscle work that does not add bulk but improves flexibility and muscle stability.
  5. Personal training - More people are looking at careers as personal trainers, and this increase is really indicative of the demand for fitness professionals to lead training sessions. It also reveals that many fitness centres, such as ours, expect a high level of expertise and professionally trained and certified staff.
  6. Exercise and weight loss - Today there is a greater appreciation of the need for a combination of nutrition and exercise for weight loss. Your diet and your fitness plan need to complement each other and individually be geared towards healthy and realistic goals, with a clear strategy too.
  7. Yoga - Even after thousands of years, yoga is still growing in popularity. From traditional yoga classes to training which includes yoga movements, the holistic, interconnected approach of yoga exercise systems will continue to attract and transform fitness fans for future generations.
  8. Fitness programs for older adults - With an ageing population who are still healthy, fit and active long after retirement, there has been a real upsurge on fitness programs that put an emphasis on senior fitness needs and help keep older adults in good physical condition; boosting their immune system and keeping them active and improving cognitive function.
  9. Functional fitness - Fitness in 2015 is about quality of life, of keeping fit so that you can enjoy your life to the full, as independently and freely as possible. Yes, it is also about health issues and weight but there is an emphasis too on this overriding idea of fitness for life.
  10. Group personal training - With small groups you can benefit from personal attention but still enjoy a more affordable workout. In the not so distant past the idea of any type of customized or personal training for the average person would have seemed preposterous, and the preserve of the rich and famous. Now though, there has been a real change in how personally people take their own individual fitness sessions.

Fitness is an adventure and reaching your exercise goals a journey that is satisfying, rewarding and eventful. Let us share that with you. Get in touch and be part of a fitness trend for 2015 that will benefit you for years to come.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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