2015: What do women want?

The lifestyle of the modern woman has changed hugely from just a few generations ago. Better opportunities, greater financial freedom and more personal choice are all incredible positives which many women have benefitted from. Many women are much more interested in health and wellbeing too than simply losing weight, which has really inspired the female fitness industry to develop as well. So, looking forward to 2015, what do women want?

More is known about the individual merits of different styles of exercise and this has really helped create sophisticated training programs for all, especially fitness for women and their bodies and goals, as this area of the health industry blooms. We are seeing a real emphasis on certain training trends, such as bodyweight exercises and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) - keep those planks up ladies! - and the results are not just limited to individual goals but promise all-round fitness success. Let's take a look at what we believe women want in 2015.

Women want to not only look good but feel amazing - In the past, the emphasis when it came to women and fitness was simply that it was a good way to lose weight. the emphasis was often on how women looked. While there's no getting round the fact that this pressure still exists from society-at-large, many female fitness fans are taking a more holistic approach; seeing exercise as a way of life to energize their lifestyle.

Women want to understand what exercise can do - Can you imagine not so very long ago, asking about what a type of exercise could do for you? The reality is that you no doubt either went along to a generic gym or joined a general fitness program. You probably were not hugely aware of how the exercise you were doing was really pushing your goals forward, aside from offering an all-round workout. Women today want to know what exercises can achieve, such as whether strength training will build a rock solid core without adding extra bulk.

Women want to sweat and train hard - Gone are the days where women were portrayed as lightly perspiring during a gentle jog, hair and makeup intact. Today's modern women approach exercise with gusto and want to get the most out of working out. They know the exhilarating feeling that follows a fantastically sweaty training session!

Women want to set goals, create exercise plans and reach results - Women who come along to exercise are more focused on what they want, or at least understand the importance of having goals, finding ways to achieve these goals and monitoring the journey. Many women enjoy the motivation that a challenge inspires. What fitness goals are you making for 2015?

Women want to take responsibility for their own fitness - Instead of simply attending classes or a fitness centre, women are participating more in their own efforts and exercise direction. This means finding out what's available, asking questions and expressing their own ideas and concerns. This interactive attitude and approach really makes a difference when it comes to personal training.

Women want to workout in a comfortable environment - We make sure that women feel relaxed and happy to come along and exercise with us. This is not to be taken lightly, as women don't want to be working out in a macho gym environment or a male-focused setting. Fitness for women is about feeling at ease too and not feeling intimidated or even ill at ease.

Women want to eat healthily to inspire wellbeing - Women these days are seeking out good nutritional plans that go beyond simply dieting or losing weight. It's true that fad diets and yo-yo dieting are still being adopted by some women, but there are many females who enjoy food but want to learn about how eat in a balanced way that will give them energy and boost their immune system so they can carry on living a full and busy life!

What do you want in 2015? We may have just what you are looking for, so get in touch.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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