It's never too late to change!

All of a sudden we are well and truly into the first month of 2015! And this is often a time when people realize that they haven't put any of their good intentions into action. If you can relate to this, then never fear. Whether you are talking about New Year resolutions, getting back into fitness after a long break or kickstarting a new lifestyle after years of living in a certain way, it’s never too late to change.

The changes you make today will pay off in the future and the present moment is a reflection of decisions you made in the past. If you feel on the verge of creating a healthier you or feel a burning desire to get fit and reactivate some energy and vitality, then the time to do that is now!

Activating New Year resolutions after New Year
Firstly, don't be too hard on yourself. Many people don't jump out of bed on the morning of New Year's Day and immediately change their life. If you had some great ideas on how to be fit and healthy in 2015 but are yet to put these into practice, then spend the time on creating practical strategies now. Don’t waste time believing that it’s too late. Think of January as a month to get some healthy processes in order. And don't rush this by making rash decisions or setting off on a fitness journey that isn’t going to take you to the best destination.

Everybody is busy getting back to 'normal' after the festive season. You’re human. Accept that and believe that what you can achieve in the coming year is extraordinary too!

Returning to fitness
If the past presents a rosier picture than the present, then it’s easy to put this view into sharper focus than the reality of what’s happening right now. People often talk about how they used to be so active and fit as if they could never get back to where they once were. Perhaps it’s not about going back. Actually, returning to fitness is more about moving forward. The best approach is to forget all you know. If you’ve had a break for a few years, chances are that much of what you believed or the way that you kept fit is outmoded.

It’s easy to feel intimidated and even shocked at your own physical changes when you first return to a fitness environment. The trick is not to compare but let the past go and see this new chapter as a wonderful opportunity to explore a new story in your personal and physical development!

Changing your lifestyle
There is a saying that you cannot teach an old dogs new tricks. That’s not to say you’re in any way akin to an unhealthy hound, but instead that there’s a general societal view that people become stuck in their ways and resistant to change; or even that they are unable to change. It’s never too late to change your lifestyle though, and here are a few tips to get the wheels of change in motion:

  • Change your attitude - Often it’s your mind that holds you back the most. And if you believe you cannot transform your life, then guess what? You won't!
  • Let it go and focus on what you want - In many respects we are defined by our lifestyles, and this is certainly true over time. Habits and how you live become so intrinsically tied into who you are that letting go of the past can feel like shedding part of your identity. Instead, imagine dropping off old ways of living like a heavy suitcase and opt for a lighter way of travel that makes you feel rejuvenated and more mobile. It’s more difficult to move forward with excess baggage!
  • Embrace change as a positive, not a sign of failure - One reason that people are often resistant to change is because they see change as an admission of past failings. In fact, change is necessary and natural and more about welcoming in real benefits. There's nothing wrong with being aware of the negative behaviors you want to change, but you don't want to be swamped by their influence either.

What do you want to change about your health and fitness status? What are you doing about it right now? Time for change? Get in touch and we will help you transform your life!

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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