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Whether you want to keep track of your fitness, lose weight or follow a more nutritional diet, you can support your journey to a healthier you with the latest in personal technology. Health and fitness apps have come a long way and can be a great add-on to training with real life coaches and being part of an exercise community. Your smartphone might just turn out to be a great digital fitness friend!

There seems to be an app for pretty much anything and everything so it's no surprise that the health and fitness market has also gone digital. However, what started not that long ago to be a few apps, used by a small number of tech-literate types, has expanded into a big showcase of innovative applications attracting wider appeal and interest. While the list of apps is seemingly endless, here are a few ones you might want to know about just to show you how in shape technology is when it comes to your health and fitness.

A free app for iOS, Argus tracks your fitness round the clock. It acts as a pedometer and tracks your nutrition with a calorie counter. Activity is tracked with GPS mapping and it even follows what you eat and drink. It then magically turns it all into readable information and feedback to help you reach your goals and understand your own behavior patterns.

Another GPS tracking app is MapMyFitness which not only follows what you are doing but allows you to customise the app to specific activities too, whether that be taking a run or rock climbing. The data recorded includes the distance covered as well as your route on an interactive map. You can also keep a record of your time, workout history, as well as speed and the number of calories burned. This app is free and available for iOS and Android.

You might have heard of Fitbit because of the Fitbit Flex tracker, a popular activity tracker gadget. You can use this and tracker Fitbit Force in conjunction with the Fitbit app too. As a standalone app you can also monitor weight loss, as the app counts calories and allows you to log your weight and health statistics such as blood pressure and your blood sugar levels. Available on Android, iOS and the Web at this app ranges from free to an affordable USD $49 per year.

Noom Weight Loss Coach
A pedometer keeps note of your steps, while health articles motivate you and your exercises are tracked. You can follow a healthy diet with nutritious recipes and find out about which foods are good for you and which aren't. The Noon Weight Loss Coach app uses color coding to offer valuable information on individual foods, as well as dishes at well-known restaurants. You can log your meals too with this free app which is available for iOS and Android.

While you might want to track your health and fitness, as well as support a healthier diet, what about thinking about the health of your mind? Calm is a guided meditation app which is available free for iOS and Android. It has 50 mediations with 16 relaxing tunes to choose from too. With monthly updates, this is a perfect way to tune in to tune out a hectic life and simply unwind for clarity, relaxation and inner strength.

Next month we'll look at some more interesting health and fitness apps. Meanwhile, if you're not already part of a fitness program with us get in touch today!

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