Post-exercise no-nos!

You're putting in the effort and showing determination and what you expect are great results and to feel good too. If you're working out with a quality fitness routine then there's no reason you cannot head straight toward your goals. However, as with every journey there are pitfalls along the way and one danger zone is when you've finished your workout and you are at risk of undoing much of the hard work with post-exercise no-nos!

Making mistakes that are going to go against the benefits of your workout are easy to make but once you really consider them they are even easier to avoid too:

  1. Snack and mealtime indulging: If you've ever come out of an exercise class or training session and immediately grabbed a sugary snack or a fattening meal then you're not alone. It is not really your appetite talking though as much as your psyche which is telling you that you deserve a treat after all the work you've just put in. The problem is that if your goal is to maintain or lose weight you're going to find results just don't come quickly, if at all. Have a healthy meal waiting for you at home and take a nutritious snack with you so you're not tempted.

  2. Starving yourself: From one extreme to the next! While a calorie-rich take out might not be the ideal post-workout meal not eating at all is a bad idea too. Remember, you've hopefully been exerting some real effort and that means burning fat. You need a snack that's going to give you some fat, carbs, and protein within a couple of hours of stopping exercising, otherwise you won't see the best results and you'll mess with your metabolism too.

  3. Not thinking about diet and nutrition: Beyond the initial post-workout food it's worthwhile viewing your diet as an extension of your workout; as a complementary part of it. This means adopting a healthy meal plan that is going to keep on boosting your energy without adding in unnecessary dietary challenges for the body to cope with.

  4. Thinking you've done enough: After a workout it's natural to have a feeling of elation; after all, you've had lots of adrenaline and happy hormones racing around your body. Post workout you can bask in the glory of a great exercise session achieved but don't rest on your laurels and think you're done for a while. When is your next workout set for and are you meeting the weekly recommended amounts of moderate to vigorous activity?

  5. Hydrating with sugary drinks: You're glistening after a good cardio burst but perspiring does leave you feeling dehydrated. So, what do you reach for? The answer is water and not a sugary soda or a sports drink that's packed with sugar. Not only is this not going to hydrate it is the liquid equivalent of chowing down on some candy.

  6. Forgetting hygiene rules: Avoid rashes and germs by being aware of the fitness environment. Change out of sweaty clothes as soon as you are able and take a shower. Use hand sanitizer and avoid touching your face and rubbing your eyes, especially if you're using shared equipment. Simply washing your hands after a workout can cut down on germs spreading.

  7. Not cooling down: Stretch and take the pace down gradually after a workout. This way you can avoid blood pooling with a build-up of lactic acid, as well as feel more comfortable as you relax into a new post-workout zone.

Don't avoid post-workout mistakes by not working out at all though. If you're yet to get started then now is the time. Get in touch!


Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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