Look beyond weight loss!

The weight loss industry is huge. No pun intended! However, while many women lament their excess pounds and obesity is a real issue in the world of modern, sedentary lifestyles, diet and weight can become too much of a focal point for some women. This can lead to women not working out in the right way because they are only aiming to weigh less. It can also result in many women not feeling motivated because they are ignoring the many other benefits that a great workout program brings.

If you look in the mirror and see a woman who is overweight then it's understandable that your immediate aim or focus might be to lose weight. And if you're doing something about it, or about to by joining forces with us, and putting thought into action then congratulations are in order. You do need an exercise plan for sure. However, before you fill your thoughts with diet plans you might want to consider the wider picture and look beyond weight loss.

Do you need to lose weight?

Before looking at some of the other aspects of fitness to focus on, you might want to ask yourself if you actually do need to lose weight. It can be difficult to separate body image from reality and studies have shown that how women see their size and shape and what they view as ideal, doesn't always tally with measurements and other peoples’ perceptions. The easiest way to find out where you stand weight-wise is to get a physical assessment from a fitness professional. You could also ask those closest to you what they think too.

Toned muscles

A good workout that really works your muscles can really aid weight loss and beyond that, give you a great physique. So many women worry about building up bulk that they neglect strength training, for example. However, this type of exercise produces a post-workout burn which burns calories too and greater muscle mass demands more energy. Aside from this, a toned body makes you look buff and feel slender and in shape. There are plenty of thin people who lack tone and definition and having a great body is not just an issue of weight.

Youthful flexibility

Stretching can promote flexibility, which in turn improves mobility and makes you feel young and supple. Your circulation is given a real boost and your tissues are hydrated. Aches and pains can disappear if they are related to muscular fatigue and as a result of atrophy and lack of use of muscles and joints. Feeling free in your movements can greatly improve your everyday living and quality of life.

Lifestyle changes

The right type of training can have a wonderful snowball effect. You start exercising and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. One thing leads to another and what starts as a workout can lead to a transformation in the way you live your life. With more energy from quality training, you can feel inspired to get more active in general, change your routine, your attitude and even the food on your plate.

Fitness goal satisfaction

Do you have a sporting ambition or want to achieve a certain fitness level for a reason? Whether you want to take part in a charitable fitness quest or climb a mountain just for the sake of it, getting in shape and following a fitness plan can help you realize your dreams and ambitions. The sense of satisfaction and confidence you gain from improving and progressing can really be a powerful boost to your sense-of-self and self-esteem, that goes way beyond the physical benefits.

Healthy eating

If you put in effort to work out then it doesn't really make sense to then indulge in the wrong types of food. Although related to weight loss, healthy eating is also about balance, boosting your immune system and creating the right type of energy to live your life to the full. Exercise can inspire the determination to eat a good diet too, and this in turn may lead to you shedding excess baggage too. But the focus is on feeling great and discovering exciting, healthy foods.

What can fitness do for you? Get in touch and find out how working out could change your life.

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