Take fitness fun seriously!

There is nothing in the fitness rulebook that says that getting in shape cannot be both enjoyable and fun. Yes, you might face a physical, emotional and mental challenge in the process and totally transform your whole being, but the pleasure is in seeing great results. Finding fitness a hard slog is not necessarily a sign that you are doing it right and let's face it, the more enjoyable your exercise regime is the more likely you are to stick with it.

You may have a really serious reason why you want to get fit and your goals may be hard thought-out targets which really require concentration and intense focus. You may have a long road ahead that is going to put you through your paces and then some. If you have let your health, fitness levels and diet slide over the years, then the journey back to wellness and a healthier lifestyle is going to be bumpy and a bit rocky in parts. That doesn't mean to say it cannot be an incredible experience and an awesome adventure too.

Fitness fun gets you through tough times

If you can't cry then you have to laugh. When you are feeling the burn and you just want to give up, a sense of humor and a fun attitude to fitness and to life can work wonders on your morale, lift your spirits and carry you, hobbling and out of breath perhaps, over the finish line. You need to hold onto positive feelings to keep you going!

Fitness fun boosts your energy levels

Have you ever noticed that when you are having fun, time flies? Not only that but you feel energized and full of life. It's only when we feel negative or experience dread that time seems to slow down, alongside our vitality. Fun acts as a real battery charger, so strap it on and keep on going!

Fitness fun leads you to lifestyle changes

Fun really means enjoyment and at the end of the day, no matter how good working out is for you, if you hate it then you are simply not going to be able to sustain it, unless of course you have a will of iron. Even then, who wants to be spending any part of their life doing anything they don't want to? Fun activities can become part of life and in turn that can naturally change your lifestyle for the better. Embrace healthy, fun pursuits!

Fitness fun is about feeling happy and balanced

Feeling happy has a strange effect...it makes us feel good. When you feel happy you often feel a sense of balance, that all is as it should be. If you want your exercise plan to be an integral, integrated part of your life then it needs to fit in in a balanced way. Keeping the fun factor in fitness could help you balance out other areas of your life too.

Fitness fun is about feeling comfortable

When you are having fun you are relaxed, and when you are relaxed you are comfortable in yourself. Many people struggle when it comes to working out because they feel ill at ease with themselves, whether physically and/or mentally. Fun has a way of dissipating stress and reducing anxiety, whilst boosting confidence and promoting a feeling of internal oneness. Yes, happy feelings and thoughts can be that powerful!

Fitness is not all fun and games though…

What is important though is that whilst you enjoy the fun, and perhaps social, side of activities, that this does not reflect from actually following the best workout plan or doing exercises in the proper way. Turning up and having fun is not enough, you also need to engage and put in effort too.

We have lots of fun keeping fit, so come and join us! It's time you took your fitness seriously!

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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