Festive season fat fighting for females

With Thanksgiving out the way, we are all reminded of just how waist-expanding the upcoming festive season can be. So what's your strategy to make sure you don't see in the New Year in 2015 with an increase in your weight, as so many women do? While you want to enjoy the end of year celebrations and all the get-togethers in between it is worthwhile deciding on a plan of action as we are already in December.

It happens every year, so we should all be used to it by now, but before you know it the festive season and all the indulgence that it brings is upon us. A busy time of year for many too, it can be easy to get swept along in a wave of overdoing it and that, coupled with an often more sedentary lifestyle, can lead to rapid weight gain, possibly undoing all your hard work the rest of the year.

If you want to fight the fat this festive season, here are a few tips:

Make December a detox month - It may seem like the wrong time of year to be going on a full-on health mission but why not? There's nothing stopping you seeing the last month of the year as a time to cleanse your body and also relax into some meditation for the mind as well as some energy and immune boosting exercise to keep you fighting fit during the winter flu season.

Think portion control - You don't want to spend the whole of the festivities feeling as if you are missing out, but at the same time that does not give you carte blanche to gorge on too many goodies. Think moderation and that means portion control. One chocolate is yummy but do you really need a whole box? Every time you eat think about how much you are putting on your plate. A little bit of what you fancy can be wonderful but too much is going to make you feel worse by New Year.

Focus on 2015 and the year ahead - The festivities this month might carry special meaning to you, but in terms of your wellbeing set your sights on what you will be doing and how you will be living in the year to come. This is a great time to plan new adventures, a change in lifestyle and exploring different activities, so that when January comes you can hit the ground running.

Cook some healthy festive treats - It is easy to fixate on festive treats being calorie-rich and laden with saturated fats, but who said they have to be? What about a warming pumpkin soup or a nut roast, packed with vitamins and protein? Be creative and have a traditional holiday season where you banish processed foods and goodies that simply don't fill you up.

Change your attitude - How you eat, why you eat and what you eat are often less about appetite and far more about attitude. It is easy to think of this time of year as a holiday when you are 'allowed' to let go and eat what you like, but actually it might be time to take a more responsible, adult stance and take control of your eating plan. Are you really treating yourself by packing in fatty, sugary foods?

Reflect on the year - Look back on the year and see December as a time of taking stock, or ironing out any issues you have had the rest of the year; of finishing off what you started and achieving goals. This is more important than throwing dietary caution to the wind for the sake of it.

Keep fit this festive season and fight fattening foods with us. Get in touch before 2015!

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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