How to get back into fitness!

As we get older and life seems to get more complex, not to mention busy, responsibilities at home and in our working lives can overwhelm, leaving us with what feels like precious little time to ourselves. It's easy to understand how exercise can take a back seat to other seemingly more pressing priorities. However, reality check! Your health and wellbeing is vital, so if you've let your workouts slip then here's how to get back into fitness!

If you have had a bit of a 'break' from being as active as perhaps you should be, or you are trying to help someone else who is in this position, then the first thing to remember for now and in the future is that the past is the past. Hindsight, coulds, would-haves, ifs and could-haves really are not useful at this point. Of course, some understanding of where you are at is helpful but you don't want to begin a new fitness journey playing the self-blame-game.

To get back in the fitness game instead, you need to get organized before you get fit and whilst you are engaged in a workout regime.

  • Find the time - Life has a strange way of fitting round what you are doing or what you decide to do. In other words, you will always be too busy to find time to do something extra until you start to do it and also to make way for it as well. This means scheduling in real time periods to exercise and also managing your time so you can cut time-wasting. It's amazing how many really busy people also spend a lot of time on pursuits that are far from productive, such as watching television.
  • Source the energy - Of course a non-exerciser feels too tired to workout! That's the reason there's a need to get fit and boost energy levels. Have you ever felt too exhausted to do something but once you get started you found power reserves and actually felt your batteries recharging? Working out has the same effect; it engages and energizes.
  • Channel your motivation - If you want to start working out again then there is an element of motivation there, but if you dig deeper you will find other ways to feel inspired to carry on. Make a concerted effort to adopt a positive mental attitude (PMA), surround yourself with can-do people and repeat inspirational mantras to yourself. Motivation is all in the mind!
  • Focus clearly - Before you pull on a pair of sweats and sprint out the door, make sure your enthusiasm is aimed at a target. Why do you want to get fit, apart from knowing you should be? Look at your goals and what you want to achieve. This may sound fairly basic but it is amazing how many people set off without knowing where they are going.
  • Choose a strategy - Not all types of fitness training programs, classes and fitness styles are the same; in fact, there is a vast wealth of health and fitness related choices. Take some time to work out what will work for you and how. You should be looking for a sustainable strategy rather than a quick fix, although you may find a short bootcamp style approach gets you in the zone!
  • Feel comfortable - Make sure your training clothes match what you are doing and where. Think moisture-wicking, layers and also practicality with movements. Don't underestimate how important it is to be in an exercise environment you feel comfortable in too.
  • Remember the benefits - What are the real plus points of being active? Even if you think you know, do some research and you might be surprised. There are so many studies and findings that really reveal the power of an active life that you may be surprised at how activity is so much more important than you initially judged.
  • Have fun - Bringing all the elements together, as you embark on your new get-back-to-fitness journey, don't lose sight of the fact that exercise is part of life and should be an enjoyable, happy activity that you really enjoy.

We can help get you back on track fitness-wise, whatever your current status, so why not get in touch?

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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