5 More tips to deflect negativity!

Love may make the world go round but negative actions and thoughts can make your world spin on its axis, to the point where you lose your footing and any sense of time or space. This may sound extreme, but the fact is that situations, experiences, people and our own minds have a huge influence on our lives. Where fitness is concerned, you need to ensure that your path to a healthier you is protected by knowing how to deflect negativity along the way.

Last month we looked at how ensuring negativity did not harm your keep fit progress. The points noted where to recognize negativity within yourself that could be holding you back; to understand that those close to you may resist changes in you; how you don't need to please everybody and try and keep everyone happy; and also how the best approach is to focus on your goals and make genuine lifestyle changes.

Here are five more negativity deflectors:

  1. Shut-out negative influences - Women who are not focused can sometimes find that they are less stringent about blocking out obstacles to their fitness success before they become a challenge. Look at what and who is around you and how that impacts your own behavior; try and eliminate whatever is going against the grain of what you are trying to achieve by shutting this out of your life if you can, such as fattening meals out with friends.
  2. Seek out positive people - Many women are used to communicating and listening to the ideas and views of others, which is all good and well, but sometimes there might be people in your immediate circles who are not doing you any favors when it comes to boosting your morale. You need to actively surround yourself with positive people. You might find women who are going through a similar experience to you can be a great support or even other women who have been where you are and turned their fitness around.
  3. Find positive inspiration - Rather than dodging the weakening effect of negativity, striving for positivity is a great way to boost your motivation. Find examples of women who have achieved their goals, fitness wise and those women who are really pushing beyond new boundaries. Women you meet or read about, as well as positive environments and experiences, all feed into a healthier, more robust attitude.
  4. Feed your body and your mind a healthy diet - You may find that relaxation techniques to clear the mind and unwind the body can help you feel less anxious and far more focused. Likewise, a detox and good nutrition plan is going to boost a positive feeling as you start to feel physically better and more in-tune with your whole self.
  5. Protect yourself by caring for yourself - Many women admittedly turn to a fitness plan as a way of changing a certain aspect of themselves they are not keen on, such as weight gain or lack of stamina. However, to make great changes it is best to actually have self-interest and think well of yourself, rather than be down on what you haven't achieved. The more you show yourself that you care about you, the more likely you are to more forward toward fitness success.

We can be a positive influence on your fitness journey, so drop us a line and let us get involved and be your inspiration for change.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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