Healthy sisterhood!

Women really are doing it for themselves! Whilst there is a preoccupation in magazines and in the media with what women should, could and would look like, there are many women who are focused on achieving happiness through living a balanced life and a healthy lifestyle. What's more, these women are not only in control but they are working together and supporting each other as part of a healthy sisterhood!

Being part of a friendly, welcoming and caring group can really work wonders on your progress as an individual. And this is definitely the case when it comes to taking on the challenge of creating positive change in terms of your fitness. With all the motivation in the world, there are times when every woman would benefit from the encouragement of their female compadres.There are so many advantages to being part of a female-centric support network, including:

  • Community - When you are working towards goals which are sometimes tough, it can be nice to feel that other people are in your corner championing you on. Other women who are also pushing forward to change their fitness can be a great source of support; rallying round and creating a community-feel that goes beyond exercise.
  • Compassion - The fact is, when many women start out doing something positive about their fitness, they can sometimes also be starting with a feeling of vulnerability. Of course, this is not to speak for all women at all. However, women who have had a long break from exercise or have suffered with an illness or injury, might need a female support that is kind and compassionate.
  • Empathy - When motivation slips or life threatens to get in the way of keeping up with training, women can can share their understanding. In many cases, discussing an issue, be it a doubt about your fitness goals or your ability to reach them, with someone who listens, is enough to help you move beyond the difficulty. Women often find it easier to communicate with other women about what their fitness issues are.
  • Common goals - Some women might want to run a marathon whilst other women might want to slim down and get fit for a special occasion coming up. However, many women can relate to each other's ideas and many women have shared goals in common, which helps create a feeling of belonging to a group. This motivates and encourages, as well as instills a sense of responsibility.
  • Similar challenges - Women often face the same fitness hurdles connected to their physicality and knowing other women who you can relate to in this way can help. It can lead to discussion about how to overcome challenges and the exchange of tips and information, which all feeds into the general community of fitness sisterhood.
  • Feel inspired - Meeting other women who have achieved their fitness goals and more can offer real encouragement, motivation and inspiration to other women further down the track. Positive role models and being able to learn from other women's experiences can be wonderfully helpful and inspire confidence.
  • Lack of intimidation - Some women thrive at exercise where they have strong female allies and are not in a situation where they feel out of sorts in a macho gym setting or a fitness environment where strong male competitiveness is the overriding energy.

If you want to experience this sense of community when you are embarking on a get fit mission then the first rule of any sisterhood is to start being supportive to other women around you, so that you get back what you are putting out there.

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Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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