Face fitness frights this Halloween!

Does anything scare you when it comes to your lifestyle and your level of fitness? Do you sometimes feel afraid that you are not doing enough to keep fit and that you might have to face a health scare in the future as a result? What about your diet? Is it filled with late night snacks or unhealthy bites, or is it wonderfully enlightened? If you are in the dark when it comes to whether you need to make positive changes with your exercise regime then it might be time to face fitness frights this Halloween!

Don't be scared!

People who put their head in the sand and ignore dealing with lifestyle issues are often scared of knowing what the reality of their situation is. If you don't know exactly what shape you are in but suspect that you should be making some changes to your fitness plans and lifestyle, then it can be easier to simply avoid the issue altogether.

Your first Halloween mission is to put fear aside and actually find inner reserves of motivation and perhaps courage, to understand where you are at. You might find a fitness assessment beneficial; after all, weight alone is not enough to indicate what your current fitness status is.

Don't panic!

Finding out, as you suspected, that you are not as fit as you hoped, can bring out all your insecurities and make you feel anxious. Of course, you might be in for a pleasant surprise and be in better condition than you suspected. The next stage is really about not getting overly worked-up about your situation.

Panicking can trigger negative behavior patterns and this can exacerbate any problems, such as reducing motivation and adding to any anxiety. It's vital that you accept where you are at fitness-wise right now.

Facing fears!

To create positive change you need to be honest with yourself. If you are not where you want to be in terms of your fitness, then this really involves accepting what has lead up to this. Facing fears might entail acknowledging that you eat a diet of convenience foods or don't eat enough fresh produce.

Look at yourself in the mirror and embrace your past and let it go as you look to the future with your eyes wide open.

Scare away frightening fitness nightmares!

Knowing about the presence of a fear is not always enough to diminish it. You might logically know that you can easily move beyond fitness nightmares but you need to actually wake up to creating a strategy that is going to scare your fear away.

With an understanding of your current fitness status, acceptance of your worries and an honest approach, it is easier to begin to turn your fear into adrenaline and channel inner reserves of energy and motivation.

As well as your activity levels you may want to look at your diet too. The two go hand in hand in creating a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you are aware of the saturated fat content and sugar and sodium levels of meals when you eat out, as well how high in calories they are. If in doubt then you might want to stick to cooking healthy options and cutting out takeouts and restaurant meals.

Joining a positive and supportive fitness community and exercising can really brush away the cobwebs of inactivity and prove to be an enlightening experience too. If this is what you need then don't be scared of getting in touch!

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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