Exercise success in the mind! Part 2!

Getting fit might be all about the physical but you can give your body workouts a boost if you engage your mind in some workable fitness strategies too. The attitude and approach you bring to each and every workout can determine whether you not only enjoy keeping fit and integrate it into your lifestyle but also ultimately whether it works. If you are not positive and proactive, negative energy could drain your motivation, leaving you on the back foot when it comes to moving forward toward exercise success.

Last month we looked at various ways of using the mind as a tool to keep you involved with activities. One way is to bring a sense of childlike wonder to your workout so you do not take the fun out of exercise. Another is to enjoy the journey on the way to the destination of your fitness goals. Repeating positive mantras can boost your morale, while meditation helps clear and focus the mind.

How you think to boost your exercise program is not about being over-the-top in your goal setting, regardless of the reality of your situation or about playing psychological tricks. It is about injecting some positive balance between the body and the mind. Here are some more ways you can achieve that:

Marvel at your amazing body by appreciating what a sophisticated feat of genetic engineering it truly is. Look at how the body develops, adapts and heals and how well it has served you over the years. Positivity is not about looking in a mirror and simply accepting what you see, although this can be a good starting point to make change. If you are overweight or out of shape you do need to acknowledge that and positive thinking is not about denial.

However, when you truly focus on how amazing your body is in how it works, then this can be a great way for you to feel connected and also feel motivated to look after this state-of-the-art machine.

Bring a sense of joy into everything you do, including exercise, and you will undoubtedly see a change in just about everything, from the reactions you get from others to how you feel about yourself. Being joyful and opening your heart to mindfulness opens you to greater learning and wider experiences too. If shame is leading you to work out then you need to turn this sentiment on its head and start to enjoy each and every difficulty you face as a life-affirming challenge.

Monitor your mindset, otherwise, as is the case with your body, if you don't then it can soon get out of shape. You have to keep on top of your activity levels and exercise plan, and the same goes for checking on your mind too. This way, you can better understand habits, triggers and also how your mood and actions are linked. You can nip negativity in the bud and ensure that what you do enhances a healthy lifestyle to the benefit of you as a whole.

Know your mind and be wary of influences which do not do you any favors, whether that be unhealthy behavioral patterns or certain individuals. Train your thoughts to really focus on what you want, where you are going and how you are going to get there, regardless of anyone else. There is a big difference between selfishness and self-interest and knowing the difference can free you up and set you on a clearer path towards looking after yourself physically and emotionally.

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