Make your fitness journey an adventure!

Stereotypes of women abound in action movies. Women tend to be the characters who are either part of the sub-plot or are frightened and need protecting at every turn. However, in reality, many women have a strong sense of adventure and are willing to try out new ideas and experience new situations, as well as face challenges along the way. Women are strong and resilient and if you are too you might want to transform your lifestyle by making your fitness journey an adventure!

You don't have to be a comic book action-heroine to claim an adventure story of your own. What's great about real life is that you create your own storyline and what better narrative than your own fitness journey?

Try something you would never ordinarily try

You don't need to necessarily try an adrenalin-fueled sport to get your fitness adventure activated. However, you could try thinking outside the box and getting involved in an activity that you wouldn't ordinarily choose. You never know you might not only like it but excel at it too. It's only when we put ourselves in unusual or different situations that we learn about what we're about and what we're capable of. In the world of fitness there are certain activities which are deemed to be for women-only and yet modern women are understanding the importance of, say, strength and core training and working out in different ways.

Think exercise and think excitement

Open your mind to possibility. As well as trying something different, make sure that you add some exciting activities into your life too. Don't just for a walk, go for a hike in an amazing landscape. Rather than seeing keeping fit as a chore or a boring must-do, imagine that it could instead be an incredibly exciting adventure. Keep activities fresh so you avoid a fitness plateau and keep motivation levels high too.

Be bold in your fitness plans

Of course you want your fitness goals to be achievable but you don't have to limit yourself with run-of-the-mill or expected targets. Think bigger and bolder and contact us, if you haven't done so already, to create a fitness plan that stimulates you into propelling forward with a more dynamic workout strategy.

Put your whole self into achieving your goals

It would be strange if the action-heroine suddenly lost interest or decided to skip a big scene because she wanted to watch television instead. If you want to create a fulfilling, well-rounded fitness story then you need to put yourself right in the picture and get fully involved with what you are doing. A sense of adventure is about living in the moment and not about half-hearted attempts.

Be prepared to change your ideas and your strategy

An adventure might not have a predictable outcome and whilst you may have fairly fixed goals, it's also important to go with the flow and allow for change too. Often women take up the same workout patterns they've done in the past, regardless of whether they are working or not. As you progress on your fitness adventure you have to face challenges and be prepared that you may veer off into an exciting new storyline. It could be that you enjoy training so much that you decide to train for a specific event, or perhaps working out leads you to question what's possible.

What's in store for the next chapter of your fitness adventure?

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