Discover the Great Outdoors!

There's a whole wide world out there and you don't have to go on an expensive trip around the globe to discover new places. The Great Outdoors is right here, on your doorstep, with the promise of exciting and interesting activities in the open air. There are so many locations and terrains to explore with action-packed interests, and whatever the season there's always something to do outside that will keep you fit and healthy.

It's amazing how so many people miss out on so many opportunities to get to know their neighborhood because they are so busy jumping in their car and trying to get from A to B. As technology has developed it seems that the demands on people's lives has not diminished but actually increased.

Now, we're expected to have checked emails before we get to the office and are always reachable, even during our lunch hour. The modern world and busy schedules gives many of us precious little time to really escape. However, taking time to discover the Great Outdoors can be valuable when it come to the pursuit of healthiness.

Where's your local park?

How often do you visit your local park or green space? When was the last time you spent time walking on the grass, spotting wildlife and being part of the outdoor community? Often there's some great greenery nearby which we miss out on as we stick to the roads on the map and only stop off at fixed places in the towns and the cities. Why not find out if there's a green place near you where you can get away from it all.

Go for a walk or a hike

Going for a walk seems a little old-fashioned to some. It's what elderly people, ramblers and dog walkers do isn't it? Not at all! Walking really gets your whole body activated. It's a great way to feel grounded and to unwind, as well as create clarity of thought. You can be active at a level that you feel comfortable with too, from a gentle stroll to a more strenuous uphill hike.


There will undoubtedly be places of interest near to where you live. These might be local beauty spots or areas of historical importance, not to mention attractions. Often it is visitors who explore a town or a city and the surrounding areas whereas residents can lose that sense of adventure. Motivate your sense of exploration around your local neighborhood.

Get sporty outdoors

There's loads to do outdoors, from kayaking to golf, and cycling to soccer. What sporting action can you find near to where you live? Find out about activity centers or venues where you can be active for fun weekend trips. You could combine this with learning about a new sport and improving your sporting skills.

Turn off technology

How much of your time is the television and your computer taking up? Quite a lot, no doubt! What if you were to turn off technology and go and do something outside instead? You could spend time planting bulbs in your garden or a bedding box or take a walk to contemplate life.

What weekend activities are on?

Come Saturday and Sunday there are often lots of events on, whether ongoing or one-off occasions. It's easy to let the weekend drift on by, filled with getting on top of things ready for the week ahead. However, it's worthwhile using your time to do something a little different too. Plan ahead and find out what's on, when and where and look forward to being outdoors enjoying a weekend activity.

Be interested in Mother Nature

In today's fast-paced world it's easy to be so focused on the bigger picture of life that you miss the smaller details, such as the wonder of nature. One way to reconnect with yourself and the world around you, as well as enjoy spending time outdoors, is to create an interest in what's going on around you. Relish the seasons and the green spaces; explore wildlife and plantlife; think about conservation and activities that take you closer to nature.

Is it time you opened the door to a whole new world of healthy outdoor living?

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