Exercise excuses used by women!

Whereas in the past the focus of many health clubs was on men and male fitness, there is a growing interest in women's health. Gone are the days when all women could do was don a pair of ankle warmers and jump into an energetic aerobics dance class. There a growing number of trainers who specialize in female fitness which matches the increase in women becoming interested in improving their fitness levels and working out to enhance not just their physiques but also bring benefits to their whole being. However, there are still some exercise excuses used by women all too often!

In general, while society and the media focus on women's weight, the emphasis with men has always been on building strength, creating a six-pack and adding muscle power with endurance sports to increase fitness levels. However, the world of working out is changing and for women now is a better time than ever before to get involved in transforming your life through exercise. Just make sure you're not wasting that opportunity by using any of these classic excuses:

  • I don't want to look bulky! - You don't have to! Strength training is essential for women and can be designed to strengthen rather than bulk-up your body. Not only that. but toned muscles make your whole body look leaner too.
  • I'm too busy with too many other demands! - Women are fantastic multi-taskers; whether it's family demands or pressure at work juggling is a real female skill. However, when it comes to finding valuable 'me' time, many women admit they are too busy. However, if you need to find the time to work out perhaps it's time to not spread your time and energy so thin.
  • I want to lose weight not exercise! - By increasing your muscle mass through exercise your body requires more energy to move and function, as well as work out. This means you burn more calories when you exercise and with the right diet you can lose weight and keep fit.
  • I am not sporty! - If your views of exercise are tainted by bad memories of sports at school or exercise classes in the past, then try and approach fitness with a fresh mindset. You don't have to be sporty to keep your body in shape and look after your health. You just need to be active.
  • I find exercise boring! - Come on, there are so many programs and styles of exercise you can choose from it's impossible to brand all types of exercise as dull. These days, it is more common to customize a workout to fit your preferences too. This means you can really target your goals as well as see and feel your progress. There's nothing boring about that!
  • I am too exhausted! - It's totally understandable that a busy life might leave you feeling frazzled but ironically the less energy you have the more you might be in need of some power boosting exercise. Slumping on the sofa watching television is not particularly relaxing, whereas a feel-good workout can relax you and prep you for a good night's sleep too!
  • I can't afford it! - While you will no doubt have to budget comfortably for your fitness training, it is easy to forget the expenses that you spend on other, less healthy, pursuits that could be cut down in order to free up some resources. Cut out takeouts for a month and spend the money on getting fit instead.
  • I think it's too late! - It's never too late and in fact, if you think it is, then that should be a red flag to you that now is the time to act, with no delay. With the right type of training and help you can improve your fitness levels and your lifestyle no end.

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