Give your motivation another boost!

Whether you're just starting out on a new fitness path, are well and truly set on an exercise regime or are on the final push towards achieving your goals, you need motivation to see you through. With the best will in the world, it is a motivating power that will inspire you to succeed and keep on going when the going gets a little tough. However, when you feel you are flagging or losing momentum it's time to give your motivation another boost!

Last month we looked at how you can keep on track by keeping the flames of your fitness ambitions burning. Tips included, making exercise a habit to stay motivated; questioning your real workout motives so they fit with what you want; allowing for some flexibility for your routine to fit in with changes in your life; being honest about what is upsetting your regime; and strategies for keeping going when the novelty of training wears off.

This month we have more motivation tips for you so that you can not only reach your goals but do so in an enjoyable and enthusiastic way. Here's how:

Surround yourself with motivated people

You only have to be around someone with a no-can-do or defeated attitude for a short time to feel their negative energy. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being supportive when someone is struggling and at times you will no doubt value the positive words and actions of others. However, there's something to be said for being around positive, can-do fitness folk too, who can make you feel full of energy for a tough training session ahead.

Believe in yourself and your goals

Don't just talk the talk but actually feel it too. You can set as many goals and fitness strategies as you like but if you don't truly believe you can achieve what you are setting out to reach then the chances of success are limited. While it's important to set attainable targets, motivation comes from the unwavering attitude that you can and will get where you want to go.

Recognise motivation-sapping triggers

Whether it is people, situations, your diet or your actions, there are many factors which can drain away your motivation. This might be because of fatigue, stress or distraction. While you might not be able to compartmentalize so that when you are focused on your fitness that is all you are thinking about, it is worthwhile understanding what knocks your motivation so that you can eliminate or at least minimize the impact.

Focus on your lifestyle

You don't just exercise and then get on with the rest of your life. Fitness is a way of life and in many respects you can help keep motivated by creating a solid integration with your exercise patterns and your lifestyle patterns. They are intrinsically linked, so look at your diet and how you spend your time and ask yourself how this affects how, when and why you exercise.

Make your motivation personal

When you feel motivated you may feel committed, determined, and enthusiastic, as well as energized and ambitious. Many people see exercise as an activity that they have to do, that's almost a chore. By taking a more personalized approach your motivation will flow more easily. Look at what your training can achieve and what those results will really mean to you on an everyday basis.

We can help you move your motivation levels onwards and upwards!

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