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Do you want to tone, tighten, and strengthen? Do you want to look and feel good? Women who want to make positive changes to themselves often turn to the transformational power of a great exercise program. However, while a good workout can definitely have a real impact there are other areas such as diet, lifestyle and attitudes that you can focus on too so that you can really get your life in shape.

Every aspect of our lives is interrelated and when you want to really see a difference in one area you often have to tackle other factors about your life and how you live it too. It's really about finding the right balance so that the changes you make are not only effective but sustainable.


As well as talking about getting in shape you need to find a physical training program to help you. Many women run busy lives and tight schedules and the temptation if you are always on the go is to think that hectic running around is actually getting you in shape. Of course, it's great to be active and move around rather than living a really sedentary life, but that's not the same as a motivating and goal-setting exercise regime that is going to create tangible results when it comes to your body shape and your fitness levels.


Women who diet can often get themselves into a mindset where they tell themselves that they are being deprived of certain foods and that these so-called 'bad' foods are only allowed sometimes as a treat. While there are definitely meals you will want to eliminate, such as high-fat and high-sugar processed foods, the emphasis needs to be on creating a balanced diet you can keep up. The chances are you are not going to only eat spinach and brown rice only, a for the foreseeable future, and neither should you, so don't set yourself up for a fall.

However, a workout followed by a take out can definitely undo all your hard work and leave you feeling not only hungry sooner rather than later, as these foods often do, but also attack your motivation levels as you move towards your fitness goals at a slower pace. Get your attitudes to your physique and your eating patterns in shape by exploring new menu ideas, introducing new healthy foods and loving the nutritious foods that you eat.


How you live your life not surprisingly affects every part of your life. Your attitudes, feelings and actions, as well as your surroundings, community and circumstances, all come together to create what is your life. Fit, healthy and happy women look at how each aspect of their lifestyle is affecting their overall quality of life. It may be that by being more proactive or making a change in one area you are positively impacting another.

For example, if you want to be in good shape physically then you may want to look at any bad habits that have formed or any factors which drain you of motivation or of being able to follow a fitness program. Does your lifestyle support and nurture a healthy life or detract from it?


Being healthy goes way beyond looking trim and toned. Every woman knows someone who is thin and unhappy or someone who struggles to get in shape because of how they approach fitness. Being positive can give you a real zest for life and spur you on to create powerful change too. Being flexible with not just your body but your mind can open up a whole new world of possibility to you. Being confident can see you achieving your goals for a healthy, balanced life.

What changes would you make right now to get in better shape?

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