Become the man you want to be in 2014!

2014 might be the Year of the Horse in Chinese astrology but there's no reason why it cannot be the Year of the Man too. For any man who wants to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, the start of 2014 might be just the catalyst to get you going. Is it time you took the opportunity of the year ahead to create a fresh new beginning and become the man you've always wanted to be?

Forget the past and don't settle your sights too far into the future either. The time is now, if you want to initiate some real change. 2014 might be the year you remember when you really made a difference and changed your life for the better. However, if you have the motivation to make a difference but are not totally sure how to go about it, then follow our quick guide.

  1. What does being a man mean to you? - You are probably told what a real man is continuously through advertising, media and even the people around you. Stereotypes abound and can have a powerful influence. From the macho man to the metrosexual, what is it to be a man in 2014? You don't have to choose between pumping iron and being in touch with yourself through meditation. In essence, 2014 is about throwing out the age-old, one dimensional views about maleness and becoming a fully-functioning, multi-faceted human.

  2. Be yourself and don't compete - You don't have to deny what is in your psyche and your hormonal makeup, but use your natural drive, ambition and competitiveness in a healthy way in 2014. Some men feel they can't compete to such an extent that it immobilizes them, leading to unhealthy habits and lifestyles. Focus on bettering yourself and reaching your own goals, not competing with the rest of Mankind.

  3. Define your lifestyle and your style - Who you are, the life you lead and how you go about it, are all intrinsically linked. Having some clear ideas about the lifestyle you want to have is helpful. Don't concentrate on how things stand at the present time. You can change that if you want to. If your aim is to be a more relaxed, kinder and more active man then start by defining that. Then make decisions that spring from this personal base, philosophy and way of being.

  4. Step outside your comfort zone - Men might have the reputation for being go-getters, but on the flip side, they are also renowned for becoming easily stuck in their ways and being creatures of habit. If you are an action man inside but this fails to materialize beyond watching high-adrenaline films from the sofa, then it's time to physically connect with a challenge that's going to push and test you. You don't have to take this to an uncomfortable or risky level, but just allow yourself to learn from being on unfamiliar ground.

  5. Make plans and stick to them - While it might not apply to every man, there is often an element of letting nature take its course with many men. This means that they aren't always great at scheduling plans and activities and keeping an active diary going. It doesn't apply to all of course, but some men are either all or nothing, doggedly determined and fixed on a goal, or somewhat lacking in anything resembling organization. In a bid to achieve that all important life-work-social balance, is it time to grow up, make plans and stick to them?

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