Why 'me' is about more than you!

If you're a woman and you feel that you've been busy throughout 2013 with family, work and relationships, then the festive season is not going to lighten the load. It's little wonder that many women find that they have virtually no quality 'me' time. And many more women feel guilty or too pressured to make their own time top of their agenda when there is so much to do and so many other people impacting their lives. However, making 'me' time a priority is important, because focusing on 'me' is not just about you!

If you imagine in your mind's eye what 'me' time is, then you may have visions of a hot bubble bath, or perhaps a bar of chocolate with your feet up and quiet all around you. It could be that you imagine catching up with friends, or with personal chores and interests, rather than simply lounging around. 'Me' time is personal, and yet before you dismiss it as a festive fantasy as the end of the year fast approaches, celebrate its necessity in helping not just you but those around you too.

'Me' time can help you find a fit and healthy you in the future in many ways:

  • Time to think: Whatever you are doing in your 'me' time, what you are essentially giving yourself is the space and time to actually consider your life. This means you have time to recognize where you want to make changes and actually put plans in place. If you're too busy to work on your own changing development then you may end up creating an environment of stagnation around you in which other people can become stuck too.

  • Quality time for others: Appreciating not just the volume but the quality of time you spend in your own company has a direct impact on how you view your time in general and the moments you spend with others. Often when women are too rushed off their feet they take time to look after say a partner and/or children but don't focus on the value of time well spent. Do something active where you feel 'alive'.

  • Happier leads to healthier: If you don't spend enough time looking after your own interests but putting others above you, then you may find that you lose sight of who you are and what you need. Putting your needs high up on the priority list is not selfish. If you are feeling happier, you may find you have the impetus to lead a fit and healthy life, along with those you care about.

  • Better bonding activities: Knowing who you are and what you are about, as a result of quality 'me' time can leave you feeling grounded and connected. From here you can connect with other people more easily too. In terms of leading a healthy life, this means that you are able to get involved in active pursuits more easily because of a sense of having a shared experience where you are really bonding with someone else. This instantly makes activities more enjoyable and more appealing.

  • Improved diet: It's not surprising that running around like crazy doesn't do much for the diet. 'Me' time is not necessarily about luxurious indulgence for the sake of it, but giving yourself some breathing space so you can really live. Food shopping where you pay attention to your nutrition, as well as focusing on what you like to eat, can be really rewarding if you allow for this awareness rather than simply grabbing whatever you can as you race around the supermarket.

  • Good example: Other women who lead their lives in a certain way can be a real inspiration to you. There's nothing stopping you inspiring those around you as well. 'Me' time can give you the opportunity to better your health, fitness, diet and general lifestyle, while showing others that they can make a difference to their own lives too.

Take some 'me' time before 2014 and don't let the hubbub of the festivities take over every aspect of your life. Now is the time to fit a sense of yourself into everything you do, for the benefit of you and those around you too.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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