Be your own 2014 man of the moment

This is the time of year when many men think ahead at what they want to achieve in 2014 and ultimately who they want to be. The timing is right to define your lifestyle with a positive approach to fitness and health for the coming year. It's not a time to dwell so much on areas where you are lacking or have failed, but to go forth with a determination and clear path to become your own 2014 man of the moment.

Some people spend much of December talking about how their lives are going to change in the New Year. But when it comes to the crunch, their big plans come to nothing or at best have a half-hearted chance of success before they come to a grinding halt and are shelved again until next year. Here we take a lighthearted look at how a modern man can turn 2014 into a year when he comes into his own and seizes the life he wants.

  • Man up even if reality bites: Get tough with yourself and face your current situation. Get a fitness assessment, weigh yourself and work out your BMI, and take your measurements.

  • Don't look back in anger: Analyzing and cogitating over past events and situations may provide valuable insights. However, try just dealing with the facts as they stand rather than beating yourself up over mistakes you may have made in the past. Okay, you've spent a few years nurturing a big belly but it's what you do from now that counts.

  • Find your inner hero: Who do you admire and look up to? Who is your hero? Do the machismo and skills of James Bond appeal or do you mainly look to Mr Bean for inspiration? Choose a hero who is active at helping others and start to do positive things in life. This hero worship ¬†might be what you need to give you the kickstart you need.

  • What out what a woman thinks and wants: Your male friends might not be the best sounding board for an appraisal of where you are physically. Women, on the other hand don't miss a beat. Ask the females in your life what they think about you in terms of your physical fitness and lifestyle and then find out how that matches with their ideal of a man.

  • Find your shake appeal: Every fit man knows his shakes, or his juices. Forget boosting your batteries with energy drinks or something strong and dark, and get an injection of vitamin goodness.

  • What you got cooking?: Not only is a man who can cook extremely appealing but it means that you can also take cuisine control and cook up some healthy dishes for yourself and perhaps a loved one as well. Less cooking might mean more snacking and an unhealthier diet.

  • Become an action man: When did you last go for a hike/play a ball game/go for a swim? To be who you want to be you have to play the part. Healthy men don't have to workout like crazy but they have to be active and jump into life with a certain amount of energy and zest.

  • Are you in a beauty pageant?: Hopefully the answer to this is no. But the point is that unless you're involved in competitive training or sport then the only person you need to compare yourself to is actually yourself. Look within at what type of man you are, rather than weakening your self confidence by making comparisons with other men.

  • Get out your cave: It's one thing having cave-time but retreating too far into your cave is not a good idea. Get some fresh air in your body and some wind in your hair and get out and about, be involved, take part and follow new pursuits.

  • Wear flattering clothes: The right clothing can cover a multitude of sins and while that's not an excuse not to exercise, it's good to remember that the wrong clothing can make an okay physique look terrible. It's not a case of being a follower of fashion as much as a follower of style and a style that suits you.

Is it time you seized a new you? Grab 2014 and run with it!

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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