How not to make resolutions!

It's that time of year when people start to look at what changes they want to make in the year ahead. So, what are your plans for 2014? You no doubt have some resolutions ready that relate to your health, diet and perhaps your lifestyle in general. It's positive to have a sense of a new chapter and New Year is a good time to really take stock. You can then clarify what it is you want and need now that is different than in 2013. However, while putting goals in place is worthwhile, be aware of how not to make resolutions too, unless you want to weaken your resolve and the potential success of your results.

If you are thinking about making some New Year resolutions for 2014, then first off, however much some people may pooh pooh the idea, the fact remains that striving for positive change is to be commended. All you need to do now is beware of the risks to your resolution results.

Going overboard: Start thinking about what aspects of your life and being you want to change and you may find that you come up with quite a few good ideas. Once you start the ball rolling there's no knowing when it will stop though and while brainstorming resolutions is useful, don't let yourself become overwhelmed with a deluge of good intentions. Reel in your ambitions to a healthy number otherwise your goals may just get away.

Being unrealistic: Somehow, it's just not that impressive to have fairly simple or low-reaching ambitions. Just as many people get carried away with the festive season, so too do many others when it comes to changing their lives. Someone telling you that you can't do something may be just the motivating fuel you need to reach your goals. However, reaching for the stars is different than trying to grasp hold of a whole new solar system. Being realistic can be a help not a hindrance, so embrace it or risk seeing all your ideas disappear.

Not being true: "Yes, of course I want to climb Mount Everest" Is this how you would answer a question about whether you wanted to scale such dizzy heights? If so, next ask yourself if that's really true. We all have a fantasy self that goes off and performs miracles, astounds the crowds and is famed for physical prowess and academic achievements. But is this actually what you, as in the real you, wants to really do?

Ignoring the 'how': It can be annoying when you have a grand scheme for somebody to start raising questions and focusing on the nitty gritty of how you are actually going to go about it. After all, it is the ambition to make a specific change that really drives you forward. The problem is though, that if you don't look at the details and the 'hows' then your plans may just grind to an almighty halt.

No schedule set: After coming up with resolutions and working out how to achieve them, the next trick is to make sure you don't forget how to factor this into your life. If you want to change your lifestyle then you may need to sit down and literally create space and time for those changes to materialize. Without a schedule, busy lives tend to crowd in and take over. Before you know it you're still stuck with a good idea and a plan that has not been set in motion.

Find out some more resolution no-nos next week in Part 2!

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