Get footloose!

Are you the sort of person who dances through life or do you tend to shuffle along at a slow pace? Well dance is a high-energy way of really changing your life. Dance classes can get your body moving to the rhythm of fitness and inspire a more energized approach to life. What's more, the benefits of swinging to the beat go well beyond a dance studio and can lead you to a more fun and healthier lifestyle. So isn't it time you got some rhythm and started to enjoy greater everyday movement?

Dance is exhilarating and can really get your energy levels up. A good dance session brings pep into your life and is one of the best ways of getting in shape, as it never really feels like exercise. Dance is exciting, fun and makes you feel alive. What a fantastic feeling and what a great boost to everyday life. If you're not yet converted to dance, then it's time to consider joining up for a class. You don't have to be Fred Astaire to enjoy the group atmosphere and benefit from the fitness aspects of dance. Nearly every finds that, once  they've got involved, they become fairly footloose and start to incorporate dance into all aspects of their lives.

  • Make light work of chores: It is a rare person who actually enjoys the grind of housework but you can lighten the load by adding in a twist and a shake here and there. Put on some loud music and see your daily chores as an opportunity to work out. Do you know how many calories you're burning up while you run around with a broom? With each bend and stretch add in some rhythm and bounce and dance through dusting.

  • Turn off the TV and turn up the volume: While teenagers will happily spend hours in their rooms listening to music, something happens to many adults that makes them stop enjoying and getting excited about music. Perhaps they see their dancing days behind them and the television takes over instead. When's the last time you put on your favorite tunes and had a dance around your living room?

  • Have a D. I. S. C. O!: Add some music to a get-together and even an intimate soiree can become a fun evening of laughter and dance. Clear some furniture out the way indoors or outdoors and make some space for a makeshift dance space. You don't need flashing strobe lights or leg warmers to create your own home disco.

  • Get down with the kids: Young children love learning dance routines. Next time you are spending time with little ones why not choreograph a few moves and put on a mini performance. With older kids learning about new dance styles such as krumping can be a great way to bond.

  • Put a spring in your step: When you're running an errand on foot or waiting in line you may look a bit strange if you  start gyrating and bopping on the spot. However, there's nothing stopping you adding some energy into your stride or twisting your hips from side to side when stood still. Twerking might not be totally appropriate though!

  • Go to music events: Dance is about feeling the music but often grown-ups hark back to the past and the songs they know from their youth. What's the latest music you listened to? Who are some of the up and coming artists of today? Music events can open your ears and eyes to a new world of music and get your feet tapping like you're a teenager again. You don't have to pay big arena prices either, as community festivals and following local talent can be interesting and often don't cost anything either.

Free up your life with some dance fitness classes and change the rhythm of your life.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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