Are you man enough for Movember?

Handlebars, walrus, not to mention pencil, Dali and Fu Manchu. Yes, it's that time of year again when men are encouraged to grow all manner of facial hair in the name of men's health, from unruly Hungarian style bushes to waxed English tashes. Movember may be a month of memorable mustaches but behind the funny faces is a serious message and fundraising effort which has been raising funds for over 10 years.

If Mexican female artist Frida Kahlo could grow a mustache then there's no reason why men from all over the globe cannot unite to go beyond designer stubble for a month of solidarity. Movember is an annual drive each November to raise awareness and funds to combat prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health issues facing men around the world.

Remember, remember the fur of Movember

Movember started with a joke over a quiet drink in an Australian bar between two friends in 2003, who were chatting about fashion trends and about bringing back the mustache. A family friend was raising money for cancer awareness and the idea of adding in a good cause was created. From just 30 so-called Mo Bros, today the campaign attracts over a million participants across the globe, raising millions.

A good cause

Women too have got in on the act, sporting fake facial hair in the true spirit of a kindred Mo Sista. Australia, North America and much of the Western world sees a high incidence of prostate cancer and this is increasing. However, the reason for the rise is attributed to higher volume and frequency of PSA testing. With prostate cancer accounting for 14% of cancer in men, the key to survival is catching it early. Testicular cancer may be less prevalent but again, figures are increasing and numbers are higher in caucasian men in the West.

Movember success

The power of the mustache has certainly made its mark and Movember is a global success, ranked in the top 100 best NGOs in the world based on impact, innovation and sustainability. Given there are 5 million such charitable setups globally, Movember is a shining example of what two men with a good idea, facial hair and a charitable heart can do. And Movember just keeps growing with the launch of The Moscars to showcase mustaches and Movember involvement, as well as the International Man of Movember!

Movember rules

From the 1st day of November you need to have a totally mustache-free face. For the entire month of November you need to grow and groom your mustache. This does not include whiskers or attaching mustaches to beards in a goatee fashion either. Mustaches must not join with sideburns or your mustache will turn into a beard. Mo Bros must also act like gentlemen!

If you need inspiration think Hulk Hogan, Magnum, Borat or perhaps the man with the probably greatest mustache ever: Lanny McDonald. But don't get too attached or at least not enough not to shave in time for Movember 2014, unless you want to one day become a contender for the title of longest mustache in the world. Currently held by Singh Chauhan of India, the records reveal a tache that is 4.29 meters long that has taken him over 40 years to grow!

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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