Are you feeling too lazy to workout?

While much of the Western world might be getting fatter, there is definitely societal pressure to keep fit and stay in shape. If you fail then the result is feeling a failure and this can lead to a spiral effect down toward a bad diet and lack of activity. The fact is that many lifestyles lead to feeling too lazy to get up and get on with a good workout. So how do you lift your laziness and find some energy and motivation?

With technology delivering entertainment round-the-clock at a touch of the button, as well as easy ways to get around without having to do anything as basic as walk from A to B, it's not surprising that so many people get into a mindset of indolence and simply can't be bothered to be active. The problem is though that the less you do the less you want to do. It is a vicious circle of inactivity that can leave you not only overweight but lacking in energy and more likely to face health risks. If you are too lazy to get moving then you need an action plan.

  • Check for burnout and illness: If you are feeling low energy then make sure it is not because you've been overdoing it and also check with medical professionals that this low ebb is not due to an undetected illness.

  • Crash and burn daily specials: Most people have experienced a post-lunch slump where you literally feel as if you are on the verge of what some people call a 'food-coma'. If you're eating high GI (glycemic index) foods that give you a sugar rush, then your blood glucose is going to spike and plummet, whereas low GI foods can help balance insulin levels so you burn more fat. You are what you eat and low energy is a sign that you need to change the menu.

  • Bounce through life: When you go about your everyday chores and activities, are you slow and methodical or do you have a spring in your step? Try energizing every aspect of your life with a hop, skip and a jump here and there. There's no reason you cannot dance when you are hanging the laundry out or bounce as you lunge for dry leaves as you clean the yard. What about stretches as you chat on the telephone?

  • Get the look: When you have a great outfit to wear then you are more likely to want to find the occasion to wear it. The same goes for working out. You don't have to spend a small fortune but upgrading slacks and getting some quality training shoes might be enough of a boost to propel you out the door and into a workout.

  • Domino effect: One thing leads to another. So, if you're feeling lazy then look at your lifestyle and habits. If you spend the evenings loafing in front of the television then it's hardly surprising that you are feeling like a couch potato, because you are one. Ration your screen time and look at other habits. Once you make changes in one area of your life it has an immediate impact on every other aspect. It is all interconnected.

  • Say it to believe it: If you lie to yourself, make excuses or simply bury your head in the sand, then you are not owning what you're about. It's not that you need to beat yourself up for being a lazy-so-and-so but instead try telling yourself that you are an active person who is interested in looking after yourself and making the most of your life. Keeping saying this mantra and somewhere in your subconscious you will believe it and act on it.

  • Rewards: Often indolence is not about bad habits or physically having no energy but about a lack of motivation. Find out what motivates you. If it is the idea of losing weight for the summer holidays then stick a photo of a thinner you up and work toward that goal. Treat yourself to a post-workout reward if you need some instant gratification.

Laziness can lead to you feeling tired, not participating in life fully and ultimately becoming an unhealthy bore. We can help you activate your life, so get in touch.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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