Chinese-style Wrestling Workshops

Workshops with U.S. Shuai chiao pioneer,
Dr. Chi-hsiu Daniel Weng

Friday September 20
Saturday September 21


Dr. Weng performing Shuai chiao demo in Yixing, China

First Defense is honored to host Dr. Chi-hsiu Daniel Weng for a series of workshops on Shuai chiao (also spelled Shuaijiao), or "Chinese Wrestling".

The oldest form of Kung-fu, dating back to the days of Huan-Ti, the "Yellow Emperor" (2700 B.C.) Shuai-chiao or Shuaijiao (sometimes referred to as "Chinese Wrestling") focuses on the use of throws, trips, and take downs. Whether used for sport, conditioning, and/or self-defense, this ancient art used by the Chinese military and police is practical and safe to practice.

Friday, September 20, 6-8pm - Closing the Distance: How to Enter Grappling Range

In this 2-hour workshop, Dr. Weng will cover entering techniques from the Chinese grappling system of Shuai chiao. Managing your distance in a fight and changing ranges safely is a critical skill for any fighter.
Dr. Weng will teach some basic throwing techniques and give options for entering the range where they are most effectively applied.


Saturday, September 21, 1-5pm - Shuai chiao Workshop

In this 4-hour workshop, Dr. Weng will introduce us to the art of Shuai chiao through specific drills and techniques. The material covered will include grappling strategies (with and without jackets), throwing techniques, and using Tai Chi principles to improve our close range fighting ability.


First Defense Krav Maga
291 Sunset Park Dr.
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First Defense Members: Friday - $25; Saturday - $50
General Public: Friday - $40; Saturday - $80
Register for both & Save!: Fri & Sun for Members - $60; Fri & Sat for general public - $100

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