Worldwide fitness trends for 2013

It seems like every year some new a fitness fad comes into the spotlight that shines for a while before disappearing. However, with knowledge and understanding of the body, health and wellness increasing this is an exciting time to find interesting and effective ways to get fit and stay fit. The type of fitness people are focused on changes over time too. So what are the worldwide fitness trends of 2013?

A survey over over 3,000 health and fitness professional across the globe reveals what falls into the top ten of fitness trends and is set to shape the focus on keeping fit in 2013. These are:

  1. Jobs for fitness professionals. With labor markets around the world depressed, the fitness industry is expanding and more fitness fans are taking courses, gaining experience and getting certified in the specializations which they love.
  2. Strength training. Whereas years ago this might have only applied to weightlifters and bodybuilders, nowadays there is a pattern of incorporating some type of weight work into general fitness workouts.
  3. Bodyweight exercises will less equipment. Bodyweight exercises which don't involve lots of equipment will continue to be a popular way to workout for the coming year. Resistance training has become something of a fitness buzzword in recent years and the gravity of your own body and how to utilize this has been turned into specific fitness programs.
  4. Children's fitness and obesity exercise programs. A few years ago there was little emphasis about organized fitness for kids but this is changing rapidly to reduce the pace of weight gain in youngsters which, in the West particularly, is a big problem across the world.
  5. Adult Weight loss and exercise. Always somewhere near the top of the fitness trends is weight loss and exercise in adults too. With programs incorporating both diet and nutrition alongside keeping fit through being active, the two go hand in hand, year after year.
  6. Fitness for seniors. The Silent and Baby Boom generations are all grown up but still active and this new group of the young at heart are looking for age-appropriate exercise classes and programs to help them keep in shape.
  7. Increased use of personal trainers. Personal trainers are no longer for an elite group of rich fitness fans but are becoming more accessible to a greater number of people, in a more varied amount of ways and situations. This is a boom area and it's fast becoming the norm to have a personal trainer if you want really want to see results.
  8. Functional fitness. In essence this involves building strength for everyday activities, so that you are fit for being able to function in your daily living. Building strength and endurance as well as increasing balance and coordination are key.
  9. More core training. Core training is about conditioning the body and really challenging and stabilizing the muscles. This is a trend not just for improving sports performance but for anyone wanting to increase strength throughout their body.
  10. Few-on-one. A new trend to emerge is personal training sessions that are not one-on-one but a few-on-one instead. Saving money with small, dedicated sessions that still offer a personalized approach are all the rage.

What do you think will be the fitness trends for 2013? Let us know and tell us what is gaining in popularity and why.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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