Are you fit enough to do your job?

If you sit behind a desk and wheel around an office then you might feel perfectly fit enough to do your job. The question might be is your job ruining your health and fitness. Recent statistics have shown a huge increase in the number of U.S. Air Force workers either losing their jobs or being demoted because they've failed fitness exams. The explanation might be long hours, shift work and lack of access to fitness equipment and centers. For many men trying to get ahead at work, fitness may suffer and they may find that they're not fit enough to really do their job to the best of their ability.

The pasty-faced office worker having a cigarette before work in a creased suit, eating a fattening breakfast snack; it's a classic stereotype but it does seem that work can sometimes stand in the way of men being less akin to Action Man and more the Pillsbury doughboy. However, the thought of someone in the Air Force failing when it comes to fitness is enough to give every man some real food for thought when it comes to their own fitness.

The figures speak for themselves and show a decline in physical fitness in various Air Force positions since 2007. Just five years ago 156 employees were discharged because they didn't pass their physical exam but this has grown to over 1300 this year. The same trend seems to be evident when looking at demotions - over 500 airmen were demoted a level or more in 2012 compared with fewer than 100 just a few years ago.

Outside of the military where active action men are still expected, many corporate companies are asking potential employees to take a fitness test before they employ them. There seems to be a growing trend for employers to find out as much as possible about someone's profile before employing them and this might include their blood pressure and whether they are a smoker or not. These rules might apply to females too but given the business image of a go-getting, driven and motivated male, the pressure on men to perform and show they are fighting fit is undoubtedly greater.

While the many implications of screening job candidates can be debated, it is worthwhile for looking at how your physical fitness affects your daily working life. Do you have a spring in your step and an alert, engaged attitude at work? If not then it could be because you're either simply not motivated by what you're doing or perhaps because lethargy is blighting your day. This lack of energy and pizzazz could be caused by lack of exercise or simply not moving around enough at work either.

It's not just about jumping on a treadmill as what you eat and drink in and out of work is part of your overall health and fitness profile. Are you grabbing greasy snacks at lunch to eat at your computer because you're simply too busy, or skipping dinner to go out for drinks with friends or colleagues after work? If so then the chances are that this is affecting your energy levels and if you literally feel like curling up and snoozing in the afternoons then you might be overdoing it on the simple carbohydrates which hit your energy levels and then plummet just as the second part of the day kicks in.

Technology is often blamed for killing personal contact but in many respects cell phones and quick Internet access has freed up employees to get out and about, whether networking or meeting customers and clients. Travel, a faster pace of life in general and added pressure from companies trying to cut back during the years of a looming fiscal cliff, has left many employees having to keep on their toes and move forward with speed if they want to remain in peak employee condition.

Do you need help getting into a fit state so that you can tackle your work with renewed vigor? More men are understanding the need to create balance so that they can perform in all areas of their lives. Get in touch and we will make it our job to promote your health and fitness levels.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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