Krav Maga Seminars in Fredericksburg, VA

March 10 - Defending Against Threats with a Knife

In this 2 hour seminar we will cover a number of techniques, from standing and on the ground, that deal with defending yourself from an assailant who uses a knife in a threatening way. The goal of the assailant in this case is to achieve something - obtain money or property or just move the victim from one point to another - through threats & intimidation. We will not deal directly with attacks, though we will certainly address the problem of the assailant moving from threat to attack in our training.

The cost of this seminar is $25. Current members of Warrior Martial Arts & Fitness receive a $10 discount.

March 31st - Family Krav Maga Class - Basics of 3rd Party Protection

In this 2 hour seminar we will cover some of the basic principles and techniques of 3rd party protection as it pertains to parent(s) & children. The whole family will work on fundamental movement and striking at first. The later portion of the seminar will be more for the parents - defending your child from unarmed attacks, releasing your child from dangerous grabs, and moving and evacuating your child.

The cost for this seminar is $25/family (i.e. mom and/or dad plus child or children).

Address: 33 Perchwood Drive, #101-105, Fredericksburg, VA

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