Fall 2018 Women’s Krav Maga Seminar Series

First Defense Krav Maga presents a 4 part Women's Krav Maga Seminar Series this September, October & November.

"Between 15 and 76 percent of women are targeted for physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime"endvawnow.org

Each seminar in this 4 part series will focus on women specific threats and scenarios.


Week 1 - September 30, 1-3pm (Fundamentals: Situational Awareness, De-escalation & Releases from Common Grabs)

In this week’s seminar, we will explore the concept of situational awareness and practice ways to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. We will also cover the Krav Maga techniques for releasing various common grabs and holds.


Week 2 - October 14, 1-3 pm (Utilizing Common Objects & Self-Defense Tools)

This week's seminar will focus on using everyday objects to assist you in defending yourself. Using objects such as your bag or purse as a defensive or offensive weapon to turn the tables on an attacker. Being able to quickly identify and utilize an everyday object as a self-defense tool is as valuable a skill as striking & kicking.


Week 3 - October 28, 1-3 pm  (Ground Tactics)

This week’s seminar will focus on dealing with a predatory attacker who tries to take the attack to the ground and pin you down. This week will also see you work in clothing that you commonly wear out on the town, such as skirts or jeans.

(Please wear Yoga pants under skirts, and wear clothing that you do not mind getting dirty and/or possibly damaged)


Week 4 - November 11, 1-3 pm (Home & Car Security)

For this week’s seminar, we will discuss various safety options if you're in your home during a home invasion or burglary. Also, we'll work on various techniques and tactics inside and around a car and as you make your way to & from you vehicle.



The 4-Part Women's Krav Maga Seminar Series begins September 30th.
Register for the complete series for $220 or each seminar individually for $60/each.
Ages 14 & up welcome.