Best exercises for your body shape

If you’re an exercise enthusiast, you know that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all exercise plan. All our bodies are built differently, meaning that you need to customize your workout plans to best suit your body shape and yield optimum results. According to the body shapes anatomical classification, our bodies can be broadly placed into five categories. So what is your body shape? Read on to find out more and determine which kind of exercises are right for you.

The Pear

Pear-shaped bodies look like, as the name implies, a pear. Your hips are wider than the shoulders, and you have a nicely defined waist. In other words, your lower body is wider than the upper body, meaning that you need to focus on adding volume to your shoulders while de-emphasizing your hips and waist. The ideal exercises are ones that can balance out the upper half of your body with the lower half. We suggest doing aerobics to firm up your lower body, and trying resistance exercises, such as lifting dumbbells and resistance bands.

The Apple

Ladies with apple-shaped bodies have a wide upper body, since most of their weight is above the hips. You should try to slim down and reduce the excess body fat by focusing on high-intensity cardio and aerobic exercises. Another option is to strengthen the lower part of your body to maintain balance, while increasing lean muscle mass in the legs. Some exercises we recommend are leg presses and leg squats.

The Rectangle

A rectangular body shape, also known as a ruler body, is characterized by a thin, lean, and straight body frame. Women with rectangle-shaped bodies have no curves. Resistance workouts make the ideal exercise for this body shape, since they help to increase curves, especially around the waistline and the chest. We also recommend you add cardio workouts to your routine, so you can improve your stamina and endurance while reducing body fat.

The Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle body shape is a natural athletic build. The appearance is very similar to that of the apple shape - narrow hips, wider upper half - but with less weight and body fat. The most effective workouts for an inverted triangle body shape are those that focus on building lean muscle on your lower body, without adding too much bulk to your already broad shoulders.

The Hourglass

This body shape is often considered the dream figure for women, since it has curves in the right places, with well-proportioned shoulders, waist, and hips. That’s why it’s best to focus on full-body toning exercises to build and maintain balance between your lower and upper body. Be careful with what you eat, though, because you will totally ruin your perfect body shape if you gain weight in the thighs and upper arms.

Do you have a proper training routine for your body shape? Contact our fitness experts today and we’ll customize a workout program that best suits your physique.

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